Welcome to Sky #10: Top Cards of 2019 - Pt. 1

Coulter L. Baker

Jan 15, 2020

Happy New Year, SkyWeavers! As we leave 2019 behind us, we should take a moment to look back at some of the most influential SkyWeaver cards from this past year, in both Constructed and Discovery, to see which cards resonated most with you as players, and which cards you had the best results with!

This post covers our top 10 most popular Constructed Cards of 2019!

To learn more about Constructed mode, check out our posts on it Here (Pt. 1) and Here (Pt. 2).

#10 - Spore Blast

Spore Blast has gone through a number of revisions and nerfs recently, but has remained a valuable and potent Wither spread damage effect, offering the potent one-two punch of board clear into a Doom Shroom as a followup to buy lots of time and really mess up aggressive decks.

#9 - Firemander

Firemander boasts premium earlygame stats coupled with the potent Banner keyword, letting players use their Hero more aggressively in the early game to destroy enemy Units without endangering their own, making him a fantastic tempo tool for aggressive and control decks alike.

#8 - Clapback

One of our most mana-efficient board clears, Clapback is a phenomenal offensive and defensive tool, letting you smack your opponent's units and face for moderate damage while leaving your own untouched, letting you push for more damage or re-establish your own tempo if you were behind.

#7 - Call to Action

Call to Action is a very potent aggressive tool. Drawing a 1 drop with Armor like Armored Guard can amplify the already potent effect of granting +1/+1 and Quest. The ability to find a specific 1 cost unit(s) is also very valuable for decks that want to open the game with specific earlygame unit.

#6 - D Battery

Another strong earlygame card, D Battery offers 3/3 worth of total stats for just 1 mana thanks to his death trigger, and has Guard, offering protection to your Hero and earlygame stealth units like Songbird. It’s a simple but solid card all-around. A definite favorite of Strength-centric aggressive decks.

#5 - Pandora

Pandora is an amazing tool for any deck that aims to spend its cards quickly, giving some frighteningly powerful hand advantage by drawing you up to 3 extra cards a turn if you can keep spending them. In addition, her Brainstorm Spell is an excellent tool for control and combo decks, letting them discount and refresh their hand if needed.

#4 - Avatar of Light

Avatar of Light’s greatest strength lies in its flexibility. Trinity Link can be used to buff an ally Unit, or debilitate a high-health enemy Unit by setting their health to 3. It can also be combined with a bunch of light cards to restore a bunch of health to your Hero, making Avatar of Light a fantastic jack of all trades kind of unit that seldom disappoints.

#3 - Reinforce

A simple but powerful card, Reinforce creates a pair of two 2/2 units with Armor and Guard, making for both a good defensive and aggressive presence. There’s not much to its power beyond that; it just provides a really good amount of durable Armored stats for its cost.

#2 - Flame Phoenix

Flame Phoenix’s ability to make a Fireball on Death makes it a really cool card to build around, as 3 Fireball is nearly enough damage to your opponent outright. Phoenix decks can routinely make 3+ Fireball by reusing Phoenix with cards like Jar of Souls and Grave Roil, and from there, close out the game with the Fireball’s slow but powerful burn damage.

#1 - Cleo

Topping off our list is Cleo. Her popularity is owed to her impressive stat-to-cost ratio - 5/5 worth of stats between her and the Royal Mummy, plus 3 extra health on your Hero for just 3-4 mana is huge. The recent cost increase from 3 mana to 4, and addition of Spell Shield aims to push her to be more of a midgame role, and make her a bit less ubiquitous as an earlygame card. Will she continue to dominate at 4c? Only time will tell.

Note: (Cleo was formerly a 3c 3/2 without the Spell Shield on her or the Royal Mummy)  

That's it for Constructed mode’s top 10 most popular Cards of 2019! In our next post we’ll cover some of 2019’s most powerful cards in Discovery Mode, and this week's lethal puzzle!

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