Welcome to Sky #12: Top Cards of 2019 - Pt. 3

Coulter L. Baker

Jan 30, 2020

For our final post on the top SkyWeaver cards of 2019, we’re going to take a look at the highest win rate cards in Constructed mode, and see which cards our players were able to employ to most effectively destroy their foes! To learn more about Constructed mode, check out our posts on it Here (Pt. 1) and Here (Pt. 2). And in case you haven’t read them already, here’s our Top Cards of 2019 Part 1 and Part 2.

#10 - Blessing (62.54% Win Rate)

Blessing is a somewhat unassuming but powerful card that’s seen a number of nerfs. From giving the unit Banner, Spell Shield and +1/+1, to itself having Banner, and giving the unit only Spell Shield and +1/+1, to now, where it only gives Spell Shield and +1/+1. Despite this, Blessing has remained a potent buff card for aggressive decks, pushing damage while letting them weather opposing removal options via Spell Shield. With new cards like Forcefield and Glorious Mane offering similar effects, Blessing’s role is less exclusive, but it seems likely to remain a powerful card in 2020.

#9 - Allbane (62.62% Win Rate)

Allbane offers a powerful spread damage effect that can kill most small units and shrink larger ones thanks to Wither, making it a premium removal option. Its greatest attribute, however, is being a Unit card, rather than Spell, which allows it to ignore Spell Shield, and more importantly, be revived and re-used via other cards like Glacial Tomb and Jar of Souls to clear out enemies over and over. Allbane is a reckoning to be sure.

#8 - Pandora (62.99% Win Rate)

Pandora holds the honor of being one of three cards to make it into both our top 10 most popular, and top 10 most powerful Constructed card lists. Her reasonable statline, coupled with her amazing draw effect and the flexible Brainstorm Spell allows her to fill a number of roles in both aggressive and control decks, fostering both her popularity and high win rate throughout 2019. Here’s to another great year for her!

#7 - Bury in Snow (63.15% Win Rate)

Perhaps the card I personally fear most, Bury in Snow offers the one-two punch of immediately removing almost any Unit for just three mana without triggering any Death effects, and debilitating it via the Frozen Enchantment. You technically lose a card playing this, since your opponent can replay their unit, but since it will be Frozen, it’s likely to be far less effective, and if you’re an aggressive deck that's already pressuring them they may not even have the opportunity to replay it at all. Don’t underestimate it, or you’ll risk being put on ice!

#6 - Flash (63.3% Win Rate)

Flash herself is fairly unassuming, but it's the package of her as a body plus her flexible Supercharge Spell that’s carried her this far. Getting 1 Zap for each ally lets you spread a lot of damage around to pick off small enemies or trigger a bunch of Inspire effects. The effectiveness of the card and strategy actually led to nerfs of both Zap (which used to have Wither) and the next card on our list!

#5 - Avatar of Light (63.44% Win Rate)

A long-time favorite who sits alongside Pandora as the second of three cards that topped in both popularity and winrate, Avatar of Light is a veritable jackknife of a card, capable of serving as removal via debuffing enemies, buffing itself or other allies, and a source of a ton of healing in tandem with cards like Flash and Pandora’s Supercharge. Try Avatar of Light out for yourself and see what it can do!

#4 - Jar of Souls (63.52% Win Rate)

Jar of Souls is a powerhouse of a card. Paying 7 mana for 3/3 worth of stats may seem poor, but when you get to recycle three Unit’s Summon effects, Death effects, and attached Spells, the stats are quickly revealed to be nearly irrelevant. By reviving Units like Allbane, Eclipse, Old Fogey and Earth Golem, Jar of Souls can serve as a board clear, draw Spell, mana boosting Spell, or healing Spell, or some combination of them all at once, making it a truly powerful asset to any deck employing Units with valuable effects and attached Spells.  

#3 - Earth Golem (63.8% Win Rate)

Earth Golem has the excellent package of a fairly powerful Unit coupled with a powerful Death effect, healing your Hero for 10, which can be reused via Jar of Souls and other similar revival cards, making it a favorite of defensive Wisdom/Heart builds. Having Roots hurts it, but if your opponent leaves it alive, it can often crash into and kill something on the following turn, and its Death effect often ensures your opponent will often do what they can to avoid killing it at all.

#2 - Montage (63.8% Win Rate)

Though seemingly benign at first, Montage can allow for massive amounts of burst damage in the right builds via stacking enough Banners, frequently dealing 6+ damage for 1 mana, a crazy good rate for any aggressive deck. While this kind of damage output is far from guaranteed because you need other Banner cards to enable it, Montage’s own Banner will ensure that, even at its worst, it's still 1 mana to deal 2 damage, which is a comparable rate to other spells like Air Strike and Scorch. Watch out for it!

#1 - Spore Blast (65.1% Win Rate)

While Spore Blast couldn’t climb above #10 on our most popular Constructed cards list, its power level carried it all the way to #1 here. A fantastic defensive card, Spore Blast has been played in most Heart decks since its inception, and with Heart’s overall high winrate, there’s little surprise it topped here. It was recently changed to the rightmost version, dealing only 1 damage, leaving it more easily blocked by Armor. While this is a fairly considerable change, it has survived many nerfs and changes before, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one affects Spore Blast’s place in the meta. Spore Blast is dead - long live Spore Blast!  

That's it for our most powerful Constructed cards of 2019. Which cards will rise to be the most powerful/popular ones this year? Only time will tell. Until our next post, best of luck to you all!

If you want to check out more info on cards, winrates, and top decks, check out the incredible new site skyweaverdecks.com, which was made independently by an amazing member of our community!

Lethal Puzzle

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Note: There are no units in your Graveyard at the start of this puzzle.

The solution to our last post's lethal puzzle is also right below! Congratulations to everyone who solved it!

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