All Aegis Event - Patch #82

Team Horizon

Dec 08, 2021

Patch will be live Thursday, Dec 9th around 6:00pm EST!

Like the title says (well… sorta) we’re having an all ages event in Toronto CA tomorrow after the patch is live! Head over to our Discord server to learn more. And if you can’t be there IRL—we’ll see you in Sky! This is our first balance patch since Soft Launch began. So without further ado let's see what we've got in store!

New Features ⭐

  • Added an in-game report button for reporting suspicious activity.

Improvements 🦾

  • Many matchmaking fixes related to anti-botting.
  • Improved the visuals of locked card frames.
  • Improved reconnection reliability.
  • Added the number of Conquest tickets you own at the top of the screen on the desktop.
  • Access codes are no longer case-sensitive, and will have spaces stripped automatically.
  • Improved visuals when you tie a game.
  • Changed the "anti-cheat" message to more accurately describe what it does - Skyweaver does not have any invasive anti-cheat.
  • Re-added the settings & mute buttons on the card selection screen.
  • Added warnings to ensure that you only buy USDC on Polygon, not other chains.
  • Added MoonPay to Sequence Wallet to increase availability of USDC purchasing. More information on getting USDC can be found here.

Changes ⚙️

  • You must reach the Recruit rank or higher in any Ranked game mode in order to play Conquest.
  • Conquest matches can no longer be declined once a match has been found.

Bugfixes 🐛

  • Many improvements reloaded to the loading screen & getting stuck.
  • Fixed a game crash involving prismless cards in your deck.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't load in-game until music files were loaded.
  • Corrected the color of the linework on the hero in-game (it was using the Air element linework).
  • Fixed bugs and game crashes related to reconnection.
  • Fixed a bug where all cards and units could be doubled upon reconnection.
  • Fixed bugs related to getting stuck in Conquest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused turn timers to double in length.
  • Fixed a bug where the turn timer was not emitting particles.
  • Fixed a bug where your profile would show zero for the value of your Silver and Gold cards.
  • Fixed a bug where tie games in Conquest could bug out.
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to double match results.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Victory" or "Defeat" screen could show up too early if you or your opponent had queued a move that would win the game.
  • Fixed a typo on the VS Screen: "Grand Weaver" is now "Grandweaver"
  • Fixed an animation bug with the Conquest background in the post-game screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the turn timers would start before both players' assets were loaded. If asset loading took a long time, this could cause one or both players to miss card selection.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't see your opponent's loading progress.
  • Fixed a bug where abandon timers on the VS screen were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where you'd see a "match already ended" message if your opponent abandoned or conceded, or if you reconnected while you won or lost the game.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the leaderboards.
  • Fixed a bug where only the top 50 players were displayed as eligible to receive Silver rewards. In case you missed it, here is the exact Silver card distribution for the top ranking players.

Soft Launch


Welcome to patch #82 everyone! We have a slightly small patch this week, largely focused on addressing some problem cards in Constructed and trying to reduce the number of ‘non-games’ in Discovery, to create a more interactive and competitive metagame for both gamemodes.

We've also added a section to this week's notes showing the adjusted appearance rates of all cards within Discovery Mode, to let our players view the relative likelihood of certain cards appearing in their Discovery Mode decks. Prisms with historically stronger showings in discovery, like Strength, have the appearance rates for their best cards reduced, while prisms with weaker discovery showings, like Intellect, have increased appearance rates for their best cards. This Discovery balancing has been going on for some time now, and we're really glad to be able to finally share these stats with the community.

Discovery Rates

Mushka (36)

Mushka - Glory: Attach Anima.

    Cost: 3 4

    Traits: None guard

    Health: 3 4

While we won’t usually tweak cards specifically for discovery mode’s sake, mushka was an example of a card that wasn’t a huge player in constructed, but was also particularly good at creating ‘non-games’ in Discovery, when mana potion/flasked out turn one, essentially demanding that your opponent have removal or lose a massive amount of health and resources dealing with her as she continued to scale her stats via repeated anima dusting. We’ve moved Mushka to 4c and given it +1hp and guard to compensate, to reduce the potential for strength to create non-games in Discovery, and reduce the prism’s high roll potential slightly. We also adjusted the Discovery appearance rate of another similar card, Gladiator, which could create similar issues.

Getum Gang (71)

Getum Gang - Summon: Spend your mana. Gain +1/+1 for each mana spent.

    Cost: 4 3

    Power: 4 3

    Health: 4 3

As Mushka moved up to 4c, we’ve moved getum gang down to fill the 3c spot it occupied, with -1/-1, meaning gang remains pretty much the same as it was before in terms of power level, but being 3c gives it a tad more flexibility and value as a curve play earlygame, which should be a net positive for gang, which is nice, considering its win and usage rates have been low lately.

Toh Tem (1009)

Toh Tem - Death: Draw and summon three 1 cost units.

    Power: 3 2

A small nerf to a really powerful Discovery card that has also been doing well in Constructed, bringing it into range of cards like eradicate and funeral moon.

Aegis of Light (88)

Aegis of Light - Give target ally unit +3/+3, guard and attach Shield. Attach Blind to enemy units.

    Text: Give target ally unit +4/+4, guard and attach Shield. Attach Blind to enemies. Give target ally unit +3/+3, guard and attach Shield. Attach Blind to enemy units.

A particularly scary card in Discovery and Constructed alike, we have a nerf to both Aegis’ stats and enchantment placement abilites, as it now gives only +3/+3 and will not Blind the enemy hero, which should bring its power and annoyance factor down significantly.

Fly Guy (1087)

Fly Guy - After an enemy unit is summoned, destroy this unit, attach Hex to that unit, and draw a Dark card.

    Text: After an enemy unit is summoned, destroy this unit and attach Hex to that unit. After an enemy unit is summoned, destroy this unit, attach Hex to that unit, and draw a Dark card.

    Spell: Fate None

Fly guy has consistently been a top three Agility card in Constructed for months, but nerfing it without destroying the essence of the card or overnerfing it was always tricky. The compromise settled on was to basically incorporate the Fate trigger into its assassinate effect, so while it will get full value if it successfully triggers, if it gets removed via a spell or hero attack, it will not replace itself with another card, which should make it less ‘free’ as a play, and require players to think more about when to deploy it.

Anti Mago (4008)

Anti Mago - Glory: Gain +1 power and attach Flames to the enemy hero.

    Text: Glory: Attach Flames to the enemy hero. Glory: Gain +1 power and attach Flames to the enemy hero.

A small change Matthew was interested in, the fact that Anti-mago wouldn’t do anything if the enemy hero already had Flames felt a bit odd, so now he also gains +1pow on glory, allowing him to scale up as a threat over time.

Whipvine (4034)

Whipvine - Death: Attach Roots to enemy units.

    Traits: guard,wither guard

    Health: 2 3

A small buff to a very underpowered card, dropping wither but gaining +1 hp to compensate. Should offer Int a useful defensive pivot in both Constructed and Discovery.

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