Supervine - Patch #76

Team Horizon

Sep 22, 2021

Patch will be live Thursday, Sep 23rd around 6:00pm EST!

We heard through the grapevine 🍇 Supermind needed a buff. This patch we did just that. A massive buff that will leave people dazed for days. But there's more! After all this is a major patch and with it comes several new features and improvements. It’s about to get juicy so let’s get started!

📺 The island gets a visual upgrade, all thanks to our new in-game rendering tech! Poke me with those vines, I must be dreaming!

New Features ⭐

  • A new UI for mobile has been implemented during the Card Selection phase! It’s much easier now to read and select the cards you want on mobile devices.
  • Added tooltips when you mouse-over your profile icons at the top of the client.

Improvements 🦾

  • Our in-game rendering technology has been upgraded! Things might look slightly different as we continue to iterate on our design. We hope you like all the gardening work we’ve done. 🌱
  • Added a "New" badge to blog posts you have yet to read. This makes it obvious when new patch notes are released. 📰
  • Multiple performance improvements in the deckbuilding menus.
  • Improved the icons for sorting cards via the dropdown (e.g. ⬇️ Price)

Changes ⚙️

  • Mobile devices with large enough screens now show the Constructed/Discovery toggle instead of the dropdown.
  • Conquest tickets have a fresh new look!

Bugfixes 🐛

  • Constructed/Discovery toggle is now properly locked while in queue.
  • Fixed a bug where cards could be purchased on platforms where the market is blocked.
  • Fixed a bug preventing bulk purchases (we currently support up to 100 cards per-purchase).
  • Fixed a bug where the card detail view in the client could show two of the same related card.
  • Fixed a bug where the infinite scroll of pages for cards was broken if you had a really high resolution display.
  • Fixed a bug where searching wouldn't change the page of results you had selected.
  • Fixed the Hero's head going over the centerline of the field on non-mobile devices.
  • Fixed a game crash bug when clicking cards to preview them.
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to particles.

Final Test Phase


Welcome to patch 76 everyone! We've got a few more tweaks to some underperformers and some adjustments to make a few awkward cards more appealing or add some flexibility and give them more applications in your decks. Thanks again to Matthew for all his help and feedback this patch!

Supermind (4077)

Supermind - Inspire Mind: Attach Dazed to a random enemy unit.

    Power: 1 2

Small buff to an underperformer, making him a tad less pathetic offensively. Should be a decent curve play on 5c with the spell, and not terrible on 3c ethier.

Bard Rock (3034)

Bard Rock - Inspire Spell: Give another random ally unit +1/+1.

    Power: 4 5

    Health: 4 5

Buff to an underperformer, Bard Rock's stats felt pretty underwhelming at 6c, so we’re giving her +1/+1 to improve her for a faster and more midrangey meta.

Browl (28)

Browl - Summon: Mulligan 5 cost and higher cards in your hand.

    Spell: None Hush

A small tweak that came from a discussion with Matthew, adding some utility to an underperformer via an attached hush spell.

Clapback (1035)

Clapback - Do 2 damage to target enemy, and the right and left-most enemies.

    Text: Do 2 damage to the right and left-most enemies, and a random enemy. Do 2 damage to target enemy, and the right and left-most enemies.

Small change to make it a bit more impactful and easy to control, allowing you to target the third enemy. Had been wanting to tweak this one for awhile TBH, so kudos again to Matthew for suggesting this.

Book Casey (2015)

Book Casey - Summon: Summon two Kook Book.

    Health: 4 5

A small buff to try to improve Midrange units - +1hp.

Desire (2044)

Desire - Summon: If your deck is empty, double this unit's power and health.

    Health: 4 5

Another midrange buff - the new effect that was patched in a little while ago only triggers if you have 0 cards in deck, making it harder to trigger, so a bit higher stats should feel fine here.

Toil & Trouble (3069)

Toil & Trouble - Do 1 damage to a target. Add Zap to your hand.

    Text: Do 1 damage to target enemy, and 1 damage to each enemy next to it. Do 1 damage to a target. Add Zap to your hand.

An exciting kinda-redesign to an underperformer here, now deals 1dmg to a target, and adds a Zap to your hand, allowing it to perform similarly to how it did before, but with more flexibility overall. Can use it to ping down enemies or ping your own units like Fun Guy. Also allows you to space out two pings to enemies over time, which combines well with hero attacks and small AOE clears.

Tooth Hurty (4003)

Tooth Hurty - Inspire Any: Gain  +1 power. Randomize its stats. (Minimum 1.)

    Health: 2 3

Time for a 2:3 Tooth Hurty. It seems somewhat scary but the meta is more aggressive, so 4-6c units need to pull a tad more weight.

Volcanic Potion (4024)

Volcanic Potion - Do 2 damage to all units.

    Text: Both players lose 1 max mana. Do 2 damage to all units. Do 2 damage to all units.

Adjusting a board wipe to provide more earlygame counterplay to the aggressive metagame by removing the double-edged mana loss, as it was usually far worse for the defender than the aggressor - also serves to buff Fuji, who was also pretty weak lately.

Doctor Vile (4039)

Doctor Vile - Death: Add two Vile Vial to both player's hands.

    Spell: None Vile Vial

A bit of a buff/revert to give Dr. Vile his vial back, so you can kill him immediately or sac some health or another unit for more draws. Should be more balanced now that he only gives 2 Vials on death.

Cryogen's Ire (2078)

Cryogen's Ire - Attach Frostbite to target enemy unit. Do 1 damage to enemy units.

    Cost: 4 3

    Traits: wither None

A small bump down the curve - looking at the prisms, Wisdom doesn't really have many clean 3c AOE options - Bane She and Waterline are good, but also a tad finicky, so this should fill good role as a solid AOE removal option at 3c, albeit without wither. Also serves as a small buff to Cryogen. Dropping Wither also helps keep it more thematic for her, since she doesn't actually have wither.

Cryogen (4012)

Cryogen - Sunrise: Attach Frostbite to enemies.

    Health: 6 7

Speaking of Cryogen, here's a small buff to her health to make her a bit stickier in the lategame, possibly letting her close out some games. Thanks to Matthew for suggesting a cryogen buff.

Gemini (4071)

Gemini - Play: Target ally unit gains guard and copies this unit's power and health.

    Cost: 9 8

    Power: 6 5

A spooky buff to Gemini, moving it back to 8c but giving -1pow. It also doesn't have the same Lead clause it had when it was previously at 8c, so this should be manageable IMO. Another shoutout to Matthew for suggesting a tweak to Gemini.

Jackrabbit (4098)

Jackrabbit - Sunrise: Give another random ally unit +1 power and attach Fury to it.

    Text: Sunrise: Attach Fury to another random ally unit. Sunrise: Give another random ally unit +1 power and attach Fury to it.

Tweaking/buffing another underperforming unit, now gives the unit it upgrades +1 power, ensuring it can always trigger the Fury, even if it's something like an elderwood - should make it feel a lot better to play, even if it's not that much stronger overall.

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