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Apr 16, 2021


Hello Skyweavers!

We’re in the final stage of Private Beta! Last year, we shared our State of the Game with a roadmap for the phases Skyweaver needs to go through before Open Beta. Well, we’re excited to announce that the Final Testing Phase will start in one week, on Thursday, April 22nd! The first phase is where we are now: (tap or click the image to enlarge)

Beta Reset Graphic

In this Final Testing Phase, we need your help to test out our new game mode Conquest, our Sequence Wallet, and the new login flow for the game! After this crucial Final Testing Phase, we’ll be able to go to the next stage of Skyweaver’s journey: Soft Launch 🚀

We made this handy table so that you know exactly what each game phase means, and the differences between each:

So what does “Final Testing Phase” mean, exactly? It means that our biggest Private Beta game update has arrived! Let’s dive in to explain these new features, and hopefully, you’ll be as excited as we are to have you play and test.

The first thing you’ll notice after logging in during the Final Test Phase is our brand new menu! Tap the game mode button to quickly swap between Tutorial, Ranked, Conquest, Private, and Practice. When selecting other options like your Hero and game type, the trusty sidebar will appear from the left!

Market & Card Library

Head over to the Market or card library and you’ll see a whole bunch of new filters to select from. You can now sort cards by Mana, Power, Health, and even Price! This should reduce the amount of scrolling necessary. Also check out that sweet parallax effect!

So, what’s Conquest?

Conquest is the latest competitive game mode coming to Skyweaver. In this “win-streak” game mode, players compete in Constructed or Discovery game types to win tradable Silver cards. Those skilled enough to win 3 matches in a row will also receive a trophy Gold card! In order to enter Conquest, you must pay with either a Silver card (aka “Silvers”) or 1.5 USDC. Note: 50 Test USDC will be given to players for free during the Final Testing Phase.

In Skyweaver, cards are only minted through gameplay, making Conquest a core element to the Skyweaver economy.

To note: during this Final Testing Phase, Skyweaver will use a test currency called “Test USDC” that you can use for Conquest Tickets and to purchase cards on the Market. No real fiat money such as USD or CAD is needed during this Final Testing phase.

In Conquest, you play until you win three (3) matches or you lose once. Based on how many wins you achieve during a Conquest run, you get the following rewards:

  • 0 Wins: no tradable rewards, only XP
  • 1 Win: 1 tradable Silver card + XP
  • 2 Wins: 2 tradable Silver cards + XP
  • 3 Wins: 1 tradable Gold card + 1 tradable Silver card + XP

The more matches you win, the more cards you’ll win! The most you can win per Conquest is three matches in a row. Doing so rewards you with 1 Silver card, XP, and a shiny new Gold card.

More info about Conquest is available in our Conquest Mode blog post. Feel free to ask us questions on our Discord and we’ll be happy to help 😃

Weekly Ranked Rewards

A certain number of Silver cards will be distributed on a weekly basis to the top players on each of the Ranked Constructed and Discovery leaderboards. We call these Ranked Rewards. The higher on the leaderboard you are, the more Silver cards you’ll be awarded! The distribution is based on a consolidated list that sorts players in the Apprentice rank and above. These players would then be sorted by their placement within each rank (i.e. Scholar #13 is higher than Apprentice #4).

The weekly Ranked Rewards give skilled players a chance to try out Conquest for free by winning Silvers and trading them for Conquest Tickets. During this Final Testing Phase, all players have a chance to try Conquest for free since we’re giving 50 Test USDC to every player.

Rank Progression Changes

The Skyweaver rank system is a reflection of one's skill and effort within the game. Players must acquire rank points by winning Competitive matches. Although players can lose points for losing games, they will not descend to a lower rank within a given season.

In preparation for Soft Launch, we changed some of the rank names and adjusted the requirements for reaching the coveted Master rank. Do you have what it takes? ⚔️

Sequence Wallet

The Sequence Wallet connects to your Skyweaver account. When you create a Skyweaver account, you will also create a Sequence Wallet. For those of you who have been playing Skyweaver Private Beta for the past year, you know it by the name “Arcadeum”. But now that the Final Testing Phase is here, we’re making some big upgrades and officially changing the name of your wallet from “Arcadeum” to “Sequence”. Your Sequence Wallet is always linked to your Skyweaver account, and our new login flow will connect your Skyweaver account to your new Sequence Wallet. Learn more about Sequence.

So what’s a Sequence Wallet?

The Sequence Wallet is where you store your Silver cards, Gold cards and USDC; i.e. your tradable items in Skyweaver. Think of your Sequence Wallet as your identifier in the Skyweaver Market, and your go-bag to store all the tradable items that you earn or purchase while playing Skyweaver. It’s what you use to securely store your Silver and Gold cards, and what you use if you want to trade or gift these cards to your friends and other players—each of whom has their own Sequence Wallet. You can add your friends as contacts directly in the Sequence Wallet.

For added context, which will be of interest for those familiar with Web3 and blockchain, the Sequence Wallet is a non-custodial multi-chain Smart Wallet perfect for coins, NFTs, game items and other digital goods. Learn more about Sequence.

OK, so what am I testing exactly during this “Final Testing Phase”?

Conquest, Silver & Gold cards, Sequence Wallet & Marketplace

During this Final Testing Phase, we’d love for you to test all the functionalities of Conquest and the loop of winning Silver and Gold cards → having them awarded and deposited into your Sequence Wallet → and your ability to sell and trade these Silver and Gold cards in the Skyweaver Market or gift these cards directly to other players’ wallets.

For iOS mobile players: Please note, the Skyweaver Market is unavailable on iOS. You can still use your same account to play on your phone or desktop! Any rewards obtained on iOS will still be tradable on any other platform.


  • Take your Silver card or Test USDC and convert them into Conquest tickets via the Conquest game section in the main menu screen.
  • Then, enter Conquest mode and try to win matches to gain as many Silver and Gold cards as you can!
  • At the end of your Conquest run, make sure the Silver and/or Gold cards you were awarded are deposited to your Sequence Wallet.
  • Then, go to the Skyweaver Market to trade them, sell them, or send them to your friends via the Sequence Wallet!

Weekly Ranked Rewards & Silver cards

Additionally, we’d love for you to test Ranked Rewards by playing Ranked matches to get to the top of the leaderboards. You’ll know if you’re eligible to receive rewards at the end of the week when Silver cards appear next to your SkyTag on the leaderboard under the Weekly Rewards column.

If you make your way near the top, you’ll be rewarded one or more Silver cards. You can then use a Silver to enter Conquest.

Conquest mode and the Sequence Wallet are the final features to test before Soft Launch. Once we know the Conquest game loop is solid and all the functionalities that we’ve designed for the Sequence Wallet are working as intended, we’ll be on our way to Soft Launch. There is lots to look forward to in Soft Launch: a live economy on mainnet, true ownership, and more. But before that, the Final Testing Phase must be completed. So all of your help testing these new features and sharing your feedback will be incredibly helpful for us!

As a reminder we’ll be distributing real Gold cards to the top 500 ranked players at the start of Open Beta. You can read more about it here!

Earn REAL Conquest Tickets

At the beginning of Soft Launch, when the real economy begins, we will distribute 200 Conquest Tickets to players from the Final Testing Phase. Each Gold card EARNED via Conquest will count as one Raffle Ticket to earn a real Conquest Ticket. The more Gold cards you win in Conquest during the Final Testing Phase, the more real Conquest Tickets you could receive at Soft Launch.

Keep winning all three matches in Conquest to earn Gold cards! The more Gold cards you can win during the Final Testing Phase, the higher the chances you can win free Conquest Tickets at Soft Launch!

New Login Flow & Account Recovery

Finally, we’re also rolling out the new login flow for Skyweaver that will require you to associate an email address or other social media login with your Skyweaver account. This will make it easier for us to be in touch with you, and more importantly, give you the option to reset your password should you ever forget it and need to recover your account (we’ve all been there!).

Only one (1) email or social media account can be associated per Skyweaver account.

New Players 👩‍🎓

If you’re new to Skyweaver and creating an account, once you go to, you’ll be asked to sign in with your email address or a familiar service.

For Email

Once you click “Continue”, you’ll be sent a verification email if you chose the email option. Click the email in your inbox to get your verification code. Enter it in the authentication field which will authorize Skyweaver to connect to your Sequence Wallet. You will then be taken to an account creation page where you can choose your username and enter your beta access code.

For Google, Facebook, Discord, or Twitch.

If you choose a social login like Google or Discord, you skip the verification email step and go straight to the “Enter Sky” page after authorizing Skyweaver to connect to your Sequence Wallet. This is where you can choose your username and enter your beta access code.

Existing Players 👨‍🔬

If you’re an existing player, all you have to do is type in your username after linking your new Sequence account! You will be prompted to re-enter your original password. If you don’t remember your password, please reach out to us on Discord.

Note: If you’re a blockchain/crypto user using Metamask, please authenticate via the in-game Metamask button instead of entering a password.

Where can I find more information about the economy?

You can learn more about the Skyweaver Economy in this post! Check out this post for more information on how Conquest works! 😄 In the meantime, we want to hear everything you have to say about Conquest, the Sequence Wallet and anything else about Skyweaver! To learn more about Sequence, click or tap here!

If you have any questions about the Final Testing Phase, be sure to join our Discord community and Telegram to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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