Black and Yellow - Patch #68

Team Horizon

Jun 02, 2021

Patch will be live Thursday, Jun 3rd around 6:00pm EST!

Honey I’m home! Bee right with you dear—actually have you seen my Comb? The Wax one? No for my hair, it's a Hive! Hold on is online I want to see what the Buzz is about! You just got home and you’re Swarming the TV? 😜

Okay okay, we’ll stop, the jokes are beginning to lose their Sting.

📺 The Conquest rewards screen just got upgraded!

New Features ⭐

  • Beautiful new after-match animations when you play Conquest!

New Art 🎨

  • Sitti and Mira got visual changes this patch! Along with some units and spells. Check them out below!

Improvements 🦾

  • Added a variety of new sound effects.
  • +X/+X and -X/-X are now colored green & red, respectively, in card text.
  • Silver cards you own can now be converted into Conquest Tickets on iOS.

Bugfixes 🐛

  • Fixed a variety of login issues, including the error “Failed to init Authstore”.
  • Fixed a bug where Trapper Keeper was resolving outside of the field & copying the spell that returned it to hand.
  • Fixed Smite & Invest showing as 0 cost instead of X cost outside of the game.
  • The word “air” in card text is now tinted like its element, to match the other elements’ text.
  • Fixed a bug preventing users with special characters in their usernames from migrating their accounts

Final Test Phase


Wow, hard to believe that it's already time for patch 68! I’ve been looking at both user feedback and stats regarding the metagame, problem cards, and areas for improvement, and have come back with a fairly meaty patch that addresses some problem standouts while also buffing up some underused options to open up new deckbuilding opportunities. There's a fair bit of ground to cover this week, so let's not waste any time in getting started!

Orion (4032)

Orion - Summon: Set all other units to 3/3.

    Cost: 6 7

    Text: Summon: Set other ally units to 3/3. Summon: Set all other units to 3/3.

    Traits: armor guard

    Spell: Trinity Link Shield

A change to the highest Winrate card in INT. this may not be a straight-up nerf, as its effect does gain utility in slicing down big opposing units, which feels on-theme for INT, but it could already do something similar with trinity link, so moving it 1 space up the curve while also making its statline weaker via trading armor for Guard + Shield should help reduce the speed at which it threatens lethal. In addition, setting enemies to 3/3 means you can't throw it down into a board of small enemy units and then use your own 3/3's to trade over them, making it worse in close races where both players have boards of small creatures. Overall though, it has more utility, being able to smack down Etherwall boards and crush single giant opposing units down to size effectively, so it should be weaker as an aggro tool, but more diverse overall.

Doctor Vile (4039)

Doctor Vile - Death: Add two Vile Vial to both hands.

    Text: Death: Add three Vile Vial to both hands. Death: Add two Vile Vial to both hands.

    Power: 3 2

A harsh nerf to a very annoying card in aggro/spam matchups, which offered a good body + keywords and hand disruption ability. This may be an overnerf, but going just -1 vial felt a bit harsh, and going -1 hp might have killed it altogether, so I settled on -1 vial and -1pow, reducing its power and hand-bricking ability slightly while keeping its health at 3.

Gato (4042)

Gato -

    Traits: stealth,banner banner,guard

    Health: 1 2

Another tweak to a contentious card. Trading Stealth for Guard and +1hp, so it's far less safe to throw down early. Overall I think the tale of Gato is a tale of just how brutal the stealth + banner combo is early on, as if your opponent lacks any spell-based answers, challenging Gato with units tends to be a bit of a nightmare. 1c banner units are pretty scary as a rule, which is why each prism only gets 1.

Mulch (4046)

Mulch - Do 1 damage to target unit. If lethal, summon Elderwood.

    Text: Do 1 damage to target unit. If lethal, summon Elderwood. Do 1 damage to target unit. If lethal, summon Elderwood.

    Traits: wither None

A small nerf to a very powerful and popular card. I don't think it'll matter a huge deal since it's used to deal the killing blow to units, but I wanted to try this before tweaking it further.

Bauble (4062)

Bauble - Death: Draw a 2 cost card.

    Text: Death: Draw a 2 cost card. Death: Draw a 2 cost card.

    Traits: guard guard,lifesteal

    Health: 3 2

Nerf to a card whose stats were a bit too good for a 2c int unit. Now it's 2c, 2/2, has 2 traits and draws a 2c card! Fant2stic!

Curious (4065)

Curious - When you play your left-most card in hand, draw.

    Health: 4 3

Nerf to a chunky INT unit. was a bit too durable for the amount of value it could offer. Now it's easier to answer with spread damage + a hero punch.

Cobalt (4061)

Cobalt - Summon: Draw and attach your lowest cost metal spell to this unit.

    Traits: guard armor

    Health: 3 1

A tweak here. Cobalt is one of the highest Winrate and highest playrate INT cards, so I wanted to try to make it feel a bit more unique + reduce its stats. It's more fragile with just 1 armored hp rather than 3 non armored, but carries buffs from cards like Orion better, so we'll have to see how this does.

Gemini (4071)

Gemini - Play: Target ally unit gains guard and copies this unit's power and health.

    Cost: 8 9

    Text: Play: Target ally unit copies this unit's power and health. Attach Lead to it. Play: Target ally unit gains guard and copies this unit's power and health.

    Spell: Lead None

Nerf/change, now 9c, but also grants guard at the cost of dropping its own lead + lead on its ally, opening it up to stuff like Touch The Sky, which should make it a tad easier to answer.

Scythe Mantis (1024)

Scythe Mantis - Inspire Dark: Do  1 damage to enemies.

    Traits: wither stealth,wither

Buff to a real underperformer, the stats aren't too bad but 6c units seem to be a real hard sell, so maybe Scythe can get some more hits in via stealth, and with some sick new art to boot!

Coffin Moth (1041)

Coffin Moth - Glory: Dust the enemy's top dead unit to summon Zomboid. Ready it.

    Power: 1 2

Buff with +1pow to another AGY underperformer, letting it hit a bit harder. Moth is one of those cards that can lead to earlygame board dominance in the absence of any spell-based answers though, so we’ll have to see how it does.

Sabletooth (1047)

Sabletooth - Death: Summon Elderwood.

    Power: 4 3

    Health: 2 3

Statshifting an underperformer. 2hp is a very precarious place for a 3c unit be, so while this isn't a straight stat buff, it should provide a bit more playability to Sabletooth here.

Shredder (1080)

Shredder - Play: Attack target enemy unit. If lethal, gain stealth.

    Text: Play: Attack target enemy unit. Play: Attack target enemy unit. If lethal, gain stealth.

A buff via an effect tweak, Shredder can now hide if it successfully kills an opposing unit, which should be pretty relevant for punishing 1pow enemy units, but shouldn't be too unreasonable.

Queen of Jacks (1049)

Queen of Jacks - After the enemy plays a unit, summon Yellowjack.

    Power: 2 3

Another midrange underperformer I'm granting a buff, should let her fight for board a bit more.

Blitz (1098)

Blitz - Return your hand to deck. Draw three. Do 2 damage to your hero.

    Text: Return your hand to deck. Draw three. Do 3 damage to your hero. Return your hand to deck. Draw three. Do 2 damage to your hero.

A slight tweak here, I like the AGY self-damage theme, but it its somewhat parasitic, since multiple cards that damage your hero will compound with one another, so reducing the recoil damage here by 1 seems fair.

Squiddy (75)

Squiddy - Glory: Conjure a 1 cost enemy unit.

    Power: 4 3

    Health: 3 4

A buff to a long-term underperformer, trading power for health is usually a good option, should make it more appealing.

Flock (1030)

Flock - Summon three Songbird with Shroud.

    Traits: None banner

A straight buff with +banner to try to strengthen an underplayed midrange AGY option. Letting your hero hit 5pow the turn you play it should let you smash more aggressively through enemy units or into the enemy hero.

Psyche (21)

Psyche - Summon: The enemy draws a spell.

    Traits: guard guard,lifesteal

    Power: 2 3

    Health: 5 4

A slight statshift here to make it less vulnerable to wither and cards like Eradicate and ID Crisis + adding lifesteal to add another lifesteal option to STR and fit in with the overall "stealing" theme of Psyche.

El Monstruo (46)

El Monstruo - Sunset: Both players draw a 1 cost card.

    Power: 8 9

Adding +1 pow onto an underperforming stat pile.

Kha's Wrath (59)

Kha's Wrath - Do 3 damage to enemies. Dust any killed instead.

    Cost: 9 8

A spooky buff here, STR is supposed to have effective removal, and Wrath serves to punish/break opposing boardstalls, and allow STR to push for lethal in the lategame.

Getum Gang (71)

Getum Gang - Summon: Spend your mana. Gain +1/+1 for each mana spent.

    Health: 3 4

Buff to another STR underperformer. Get'em... err... Getum Gang!

Beatle (73)

Beatle -

    Traits: armor,wither,lifesteal armor,wither,lifesteal,guard

Buff to another underperformer. Now has 4 keywords. Guard helps him have a more immediate impact via getting in the way, and helps differentiate him from Eclipse.

Grim Reprisal (1066)

Grim Reprisal - Do 3 damage to target unit and 2 damage to your hero.

    Text: Do 3 damage to target unit and your hero. Do 3 damage to target unit and 2 damage to your hero.

Akin to the blitz nerf, now does less recoil damage. This card's usage/Winrate hasn't really fallen off too much, so this minor buff feels fair. STR is meant to have superior removal to AGY, so this coming up a bit short next to Strike Down feels reasonable.

Void Knight (1091)

Void Knight - The enemy hero can't gain health.

    Text: Heroes can't gain health. The enemy hero can't gain health.

A suggested change that seemed reasonable. While some double-edged effects can be fun and interesting, Void knight's effect offered little potential playaround for the user, and its usage/WR stats were already low, so I don't mind making the effect one-sided.

Sea Mage (2020)

Sea Mage - Summon: Give water cards in your hand -1 cost.

    Power: 3 4

Small buff to an underperformer with +1pow, lets WIS threaten a bit more in the midgame.

Soul Shepherd (2022)

Soul Shepherd - When another ally unit dies, draw a spell of its element.

    Power: 2 3

Another small buff to an underperformer with +1pow. Shepherd is kind of scary because of its ability to go deep OOD, but I like giving WIS some cards that actually fight for board on curve, rather than forcing it to just stall/draw cards.

Bogi Bogi (2040)

Bogi Bogi - Play: Move target 1 cost or less enemy unit to your deck.

    Traits: stealth stealth,wither

    Power: 3 2

Nerf/tweak, reducing its power and adding wither, making it a bit less good at trading. Should remain a potent tool earlygame.

Nefurti (2068)

Nefurti - Sunset: Give your hero +1 health for each element among ally units.

    Traits: None lifesteal

    Health: 4 3

A nerf/tweak here, Nefurti can provide a ton of healing for a low cost, and do it repeatedly if not answered, so making her a bit more fragile while giving her a bit more healing potential feels reasonable.

Giza (2069)

Giza - Death: Draw your highest cost unit.

    Power: 0 1

    Spell: Zap None

Small adjustment, Zap + banner is a very powerful combo, and Giza felt a bit too powerful for its cost, so now it has 1pow instead, making it slightly less powerful overall.

Guru (2077)

Guru - When you draw a 2 cost or higher spell, give it -1 cost.

    Cost: 6 5

    Health: 6 5

Spooky buff to a card that's fallen from grace. It has -1c but overall should still save a lot less mana than it used to, so its effective cost-to-discount ratio should still be far higher than it was when it could drop spells to 0c.

Minstrel (2082)

Minstrel - When you draw a unit, give it +1/+1.

    Cost: 5 4

    Power: 2 1

Another buff to a mulligan enabler that's never seen much love, moving it down to 4c. It seems like it could be spooky but I'd rather see WIS mulligan decks get some heyday than see Minstrel Languish forever.

World Tree (2094)

World Tree - Summon Elderwood. Give it +1/+1 for each element in your grave. Give it banner.

    Cost: 4 5

    Text: Summon Elderwood. Give it +1/+1 for each element in your grave. Summon Elderwood. Give it +1/+1 for each element in your grave. Give it banner.

A weird +1c and banner, gives banner to the tree instead of the spell, which likely isn't a major nerf even with +1c, since a big bannered tree is pretty useful, but like Meng’long, slowing it down a tad should allow for more counterplay.

Death's King (3024)

Death's King - Glory: Trigger the death effects of ally units.

    Traits: wither wither,lifesteal

    Power: 3 2

    Health: 4 5

A reversion/buff to a card that was formerly terrifying with these stats, I feel like the meta has sped up a fair amount lately, and HRT has been struggling, so I'm curious to see what its king can do.

Gus (3032)

Gus - Summon: Add Songbird to your hand.

    Spell: None Shroud

Small buff. Gus wasn't really played, so now she has Shroud to make her a bit more annoying.

Blood Hunter (3052)

Blood Hunter - Your hero and units can attack the enemy hero past guard.

    Text: Your hero can attack the enemy hero past guard. Your hero and units can attack the enemy hero past guard.

A fairly spicy buff, Hunter is arguably one of the least used cards, so now she helps out the whole team, letting your whole board go for the jugular. It seems pretty scary, but again, serves to help break lategame stall wars, and unless your opponent has a board full of guard units, it's likely to function similarly to a chain toss in many cases, for the purposes of overcoming 1-2 Guard units. Coupled with her blood moon though, I can see her making a splash.

Shoal Sprite (3067)

Shoal Sprite - Sunset: If you have no mana, gain +1/+1.

    Text: Sunset: If you have no mana, gain +1 power. Sunset: If you have no mana, gain +1/+1.

    Health: 2 1

'Berf' that should be a fairly consistent buff when played well. Sprite will once more buff her hp if you have no mana, but starts with 1 less hp to compensate.

Cosmicon (3071)

Cosmicon - When your hero gains health, they gain +1 health more.

    Power: 1 2

    Health: 7 6

Moving a bit of hp to power to let her be a bit less of a punching bag.

Songrider (3079)

Songrider - Death: Summon Songbird with +1 power.

    Text: Death: Summon Songbird. Death: Summon Songbird with +1 power.

Small buff to the bird it summons. It is a trained songbird after all, so it's a bit pluckier than average!

Ma Shroom (3098)

Ma Shroom - Summon: Summon a Fun Guy with stealth.

    Traits: guard guard,lifesteal

Buffing an underperformer by giving her the same lifesteal as her children, diversifying healing options.

Aegis of Glory ➞ Aegis of Light (88)

Aegis of Light - Give target ally unit +4/+4, guard and attach Shield. Attach Blind to enemies.

    Name: Aegis of Glory Aegis of Light

    Text: Give target ally unit +3/+3, guard and attach Shield. Attach Blind to enemies. Give target ally unit +4/+4, guard and attach Shield. Attach Blind to enemies.

A buff to an underperformer, giving a full +4/+4. seems potent, but that was also assumed when it was upped to +3/+3 and it never really took off.

Blaze of Glory (97)

Blaze of Glory - Give target ally unit lifesteal and +2 power. Attach Quest to  ally units.

    Cost: 6 5

    Text: Give ally units +1 power, lifesteal and attach Quest to them. Give target ally unit lifesteal and +2 power. Attach Quest to ally units.

Tweak to an underperformer that was really fun in the past, now grants lifesteal to just one ally unit, along with +2 power, but all allies still gain quest, so the potential for a mass buff + draw is still there. Seems fun overall.

Dawn Blade (1027)

Dawn Blade - Give target ally unit +3 power and attach Shield.

    Traits: None banner

This is so underplayed I wonder if anyone even knew its name changed a patch or two back. Adding banner to it since it's pretty underused, and I prefer to diversify each prism’s viable options, rather than simply keeping the strongest ones strong.

Ominous Hoo (2064)

Ominous Hoo - Sunset: Attach Moonbeam.

    Traits: stealth lifesteal

Tweak here, lifesteal is likely better than stealth in many cases, but Hoo was in the odd position of often being weak, but sometimes being an iron wall if you were ahead on board, since its stealth could make it near impossible to challenge via Units, sometimes leading to runaway games, so having lifesteal should make him more valuable on average while also avoiding lockout scenarios due to the 1-2 punch of his stealth + moonbeams

Frost Adept (2081)

Frost Adept - Sunset: If you have no mana, attach Frozen to the enemy hero.

    Power: 1 2

Another small +1pow buff to let WIS have some slightly better curve plays.

Frigid Blizzard (4004)

Frigid Blizzard - Attach Frozen to enemy units. Do 2 damage to all units.

    Text: Attach Frozen to enemy units. Do 2 damage to each unit. Empty your mana. Attach Frozen to enemy units. Do 2 damage to all units.

Small buff, no longer drains your mana. That effect was a precaution because I was worried it could be too good, but it's pretty nderplayed and low Winrate right now, so I'm happy to buff it a bit.

Mass Confuse (4007)

Mass Confuse - Do damage to each enemy unit equal to its power. Give all units Dazed.

    Text: Deal damage to each unit equal to its power. Attach Dazed to each unit. Do damage to each enemy unit equal to its power. Give all units Dazed.

A spicy buff, this is another of INT’s board clears that doesn't really see much usage, so we're trying a buff by making it 1-sided. INT and STR are intended to get more 1-sided wipes like Wrath and Blizzard that have more impact on the opponent, so this seems like an interesting option to experiment with. The change from combat damage to spell damage a while back also means it can no longer wither units with wither anymore, so it lost a fair bit of utility vs enemies like Doom Shroom/Tiamat, so this boost in raw power should also help compensate for that.

Tempest Brew (4010)

Tempest Brew - Draw three units of different elements. Attach Zap to them.

    Traits: banner None

Small nerf here, removing banner to make it less effective for tempo on curve. It's definitely not really needed as a 4c draw 3 is already a rate at or above par, especially with the extra tempo Zaps can offer.

Ghost Duster (4028)

Ghost Duster - Summon: Dust the top dead enemy card to draw and attach your lowest-cost spell of its element to this unit.

    Power: 2 1

    Spell: None Shield

Bit of a further nerf, Duster's stats were a bit much for a unit with its quality of effect, so I've given it -1pow but also added shield, so if you opt to play it early its stat block is still decent thanks to the shield, but later on it will consume its shield, which also serves to show off our attachment mechanics.

Angler (4088)

Angler - Summon: Draw your lowest cost water spell. Attach it to this unit unless you have no mana.

    Spell: Mana Potion None

The level of power the mana potion added was likely a bit excessive, so I've retired that for the moment, angler should still be useful for its ability to tutor spells though.

Necrotic Pact ➞ Unliving Pact (3027)

Unliving Pact - Kill target ally unit. Summon your other top highest cost dead unit of its element.

    Name: Necrotic Pact Unliving Pact

No changes here except the name and sick art that I wanted to highlight, giving us another signature elemental dragon spell. What would you sacrifice for such power?

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