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Enter the Ranks

Salvatore Grosso

Oct 31, 2019

[Note to readers: Information here applies to Private Beta only and is subject to change as we continue to test and iterate on the design of our ranking system. All is subject to change at Open Beta.]

So you wanna be a master of SkyWeaver. You want to understand the secrets and have some fun. Do you have the skills to be number one? If you caught the reference to that intro, you're already a master in my eyes. I’m Salvatore (Azrael on Discord), one of the designers here at Horizon Games and I’ll be guiding you through this awesome new feature!

The Climb

The time has come to reveal the coolest ranking system I have ever seen in SkyWeaver (flashbacks to my aunt saying I’m her favorite nephew… but I’m her only nephew 😅).

Upon reaching level 20, you'll be able to enter ranked matches! There are 7 ranks in total, each one more difficult to obtain than the last. To ascend the ranks, you need to obtain victory points, which you accumulate by winning games. Right now, in our private beta, you can actually start playing Ranked mode right away, since it's the only player vs. player mode currently available. So, feel free to jump in and start climbing the ranks right now!

Above is a table displaying the 7 ranks and their respective requirements. The loss penalty is incurred when attempting to reach the given rank. Two key things to note about this system: the XP bonus is a flat amount awarded upon reaching the corresponding rank and you do not incur a loss penalty if you happen to match up with an opponent who is at minimum 2 ranks higher than you.

You also won't fall between ranks during a season, which means that, if you become a Master, you stay a Master. When a season ends, players who attain the rank of Apprentice, Scholar or Prophet are sent back one rank. Players who achieve Archon, Master or Grand Master are sent back to Scholar after a season ends. No need to worry though; high ranking players will be rewarded tradeable cards every week! So there's a good chance you won't leave empty handed :)

Game Types

Whether you fancy playing Constructed (where you build a specific deck) or the more whimsical Discovery game type (where the cards are randomly pooled from the chosen Prisms), you’ll be placed on a separate progression track. This means you could potentially become a Master and receive rewards for each if you play both types! So toss out those preconceptions; double dipping is encouraged here.


In a future update, we plan for SkyWeaver seasons to last one month. And, we will distribute rewards to high ranking players at the end of every week! We do this to encourage players to rank at the top of the leaderboard throughout the entire season, rather than only the last few days of the month 👌. Keep in mind that this reward schedule and season length may change after we fine tune our system during private beta and get feedback from our community. So you know, we won't be introducing seasons just yet! So take all the time you need to reach that convenient Grand Master rank… if you can.

Something Special

We’ve got one last thing to share with you! While all the cards you obtain during private beta will be wiped from your account when we enter open beta, we’ll reward the top ranking players with something special at the conclusion of what will be our first season in open beta! We’ll share more details about that in another blog post and post it on our Discord. So be sure to join our awesome community if you haven’t already to stay in the loop! See example below:

It's funny because most people play Discovery right now :p

Did you know the ranking system is just one part of a massive update this week? Check this blog post out for more details on the new marketplace, Arcadeum wallet, SkyTags, profile screen, deck viewer, and Prism heroes!

To chat with the rest of the Horizon Games team & our community, join our Discord server! Subscribe to our subreddit to share your ideas, and follow the SkyWeaver account on Twitter if you just want to say hey!

If you haven't already, be sure to sign up to become a SkyWeaver now and get invited to play our private beta and check out all these new features for yourself.

Check back here again soon, and to get notified on our latest blog posts, subscribe to our newsletter.

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