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Team Horizon

Apr 20, 2021


It’s here! After a year of hard work, we’re excited to unveil the new Conquest game mode! Now it’s time to dive deep on all things Conquest! ⚔️

What is Conquest?

Conquest: enter with one life. Lose, and you’re out. Win once or twice, and receive tradable Silver cards. Win three times, and unlock a rare and tradable trophy Gold card!

Conquest is the next level of competition in Skyweaver: a single-elimination tournament-style PvP experience where you trade in 1 Silver card or 1.5 USDC* to enter. If you lose, all you’ll get is XP, but if you win, you earn prestige in Sky along with tradable rewards.

*During our Final Test Phase, all players will receive 50 Test USDC for free. When Soft Launch begins, Skyweaver will use USDC (which costs real money) instead of Test USDC

In Conquest, you play until you win three (3) matches or you lose once. Based on how many wins you achieve during a Conquest run, you get the following rewards:

If you lose the first match, you won’t receive any tradable rewards, but you will receive experience points (XP) just by completing the match! Every time you accumulate 100 XP, you unlock a free Base card.

Remember: Base, Silver, and Gold cards are mechanically the same when used in-game. The only differences are their visual appearance, supply, and tradability. To learn more, read our Economy Overview blog post.

Conquest: Where Gold cards are born

Did you know that all tradable Skyweaver cards are generated by players through gameplay? Silver cards are created on a weekly basis to reward the top ranking players on the Discovery and Constructed leaderboards. Silvers are also created by players winning Conquest matches. Gold cards are created exclusively by players who win all three matches in a Conquest.

For Golds to exist, players must play Conquest. This is another example of Skyweaver’s player-owned economy, which you can read about in our Economy Overview.

Think of it like this: by playing Conquest, you can forge Silver cards into existence. And, Conquest is the only place you can forge Gold cards into existence. The more players compete in Conquest, the more Golds that will exist.

The only other way to obtain a trophy Gold card is by purchasing it (or receiving it as a gift) from another player on the Skyweaver Market.

What Gold cards can I win by winning all three matches in a Conquest?

Every week, there will be eight (8) different Gold card selections that can be won and forged via Conquest. We call these the Weekly Golds. In other words, of the 500 different Skyweaver cards available at launch, eight of them can be won via Conquest in a given week. Once the week ends, these eight Gold card selections won’t be available to win again, and you’ll only be able to acquire them from other players on the Market.

How Weekly Golds work: Let’s imagine that in week one, the 8 Gold selections available are Fun Guy, Pandora, Libra, Gemini, Unstoppable Chop, Burninate, Anchor Drop, and Dual Boot. During the week, 50 Fun Guys are won via Conquest. This means that only 50 Gold Fun Guys will exist. So, the more Conquests are played in a given week, the higher the supply these Weekly Golds will have.

This also means that it will take time for all cards to exist as Golds, since we have 500 cards and counting in the game. Remember that players can only buy Silvers and Golds from other players, and not Horizon.

What differentiates Conquest from Competitive mode?

*During our Final Testing Phase, all players will receive 50 Test USDC for free. When Soft Launch begins, Skyweaver will use USDC (a hard currency purchasable with real money) instead of Test USDC

Unlock a Brand New Gaming Experience: Trade Cards on the Market

By winning Conquest matches or ranking highly on the Discovery or Constructed leaderboard, you’ll win tradable cards. In other words, you can Play-to-Own cards that become your property, which you can then trade on the Market. Read more about tradable cards in our Economy Overview.

How To Play Conquest

To play Conquest, trade in 1 Silver card or 1.5 USDC* for 1 Conquest Ticket.

Every player can enter a Conquest by paying with a Silver card. You can win Silvers via Ranked Rewards in Competitive mode, by winning a match in Conquest, or by purchasing a Silver from another player on the Market. Silvers used to enter Conquest are burned (i.e. destroyed). Horizon does not resell cards. Alternatively, you can spend 1.5 USDC* for a Conquest Ticket.

*During our Final Testing Phase, all players will receive 50 Test USDC for free. When Soft Launch begins, Skyweaver will use USDC (a hard currency purchasable with real money) instead of Test USDC

Rules to Keep in Mind

Game Types: Constructed or Discovery

Once you enter Conquest, you’ll choose between the classic Constructed game type where both players battle with constructed decks, or the unique Discovery game type where both decks are randomly generated based on each player's chosen Hero.

Heroes: Choose one to lock in for the Conquest

Make sure you choose your Hero wisely because you won’t be able to swap Heroes in the middle of a Conquest!

Matchmaking: You get matched with players who have the same number of wins as you

Conquest matches players based on the number of wins they currently have in a Conquest. For example, if you’ve already won 1 match in a Conquest, you’ll be matched against another player who also has 1 win in Conquest. Conquest matchmaking does not consider other factors like your rank on the Competitive leaderboards.

Note: During the Final Testing Phase, this Conquest matchmaking system is turned off. Players with any number of wins can be matched together in an effort to decrease queue times

Make sure you are ready for a challenge ☠️

It’s important to note that many skilled players will likely play Conquest and there’s a good chance you’ll get matched against a skilled player. For this reason, new players must reach level 15* to unlock the ability to enter Conquest.

*During the Final Testing Phase, there is no level requirement. The level requirement comes into effect at a later date

Furthermore, we recommend new players complete the in-game tutorial and reach the Apprentice rank in Competitive mode to gain some experience before embarking on a Conquest. This way, you’ll have some training in Skyweaver before competing in the hardcore Conquest mode.

Power to the Players

"Deciding to create a trading card game and not sell any cards may seem counterintuitive at first. However, we believe that player-owned economies will help make gaming experiences more fulfilling."

Skyweaver gives the power to its players. You create tradable cards by playing the game, and the cards you win are your property. Skyweaver cards are eternal. They are never banned nor rotated out of play, which means the time you invest to build up your skills, cards and decks is never lost or taken away from you.

Remember: we’re currently in the Final Testing Phase, which means tradable cards will be reset to 0 once Soft Launch begins. Soft Launch is the final reset. After Soft Launch starts, tradable cards and player progression will persist forever

In Skyweaver, you control your playstyle and what you do with your cards. Want to own every single one of the 500 cards? You can do that. Want to trade, sell, or give your Silvers and Golds to your friends? You can do that too. The choice is yours.

We believe Skyweaver's player-owned economy will help create a new dimension of gaming, and we’re honoured to have you with us on this pioneering journey. We’re super excited to see where the community takes Conquest and we look forward to your feedback.

If you want to learn more about the Skyweaver economy, head over to the Economy Overview post. Also, be sure to check out our recent Final Test Phase blog post to learn more about the steps leading up to Open Beta.

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