Legacy Hero Skins: Deep Dive

Team Horizon

Sep 13, 2022

Manifest your legacy with tradable Hero skins! Beginning September 22nd with Patch #100, players will be able to mint (purchase) new Legacy Hero skins using their Gold cards and USDC. There are 15 different skins in total—one for each Hero in the game! Who will you choose?

What are Legacy Hero skins?

Legacy Hero skins are the most prestigious items being introduced into the Skyweaver economy to date. The pride you will feel in battle for owning one is invigorating. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also offer a unique bonus for Conquest players.

Each and every Hero skin you own symbolizes a significant contribution to the virtual world we’ve been building together. A Legacy Hero skin represents 10 Gold cards that have been melted down (i.e. removed from the total supply) as well as a USDC fee. This unique approach to item creation widens Skyweavers’ design space and allows for innovative reward structures like the Conquest Treasure system—also releasing with Patch #100!

Why do these contributions matter?

We believe a reciprocal economic design is integral to cultivate a virtual world that we at Horizon—and our players—would be proud of. That means, minimizing any extractive models which do not serve the long term growth of Skyweaver. We achieve this by building on top of the existing foundations already laid out in the game. Whether you’re a competitive TCG player, collector, spectator, or just doing your own thing, Skyweaver will have something you’ll enjoy.

When will Hero skins be released?

Legacy Hero skins will be available to purchase and use with the release of Patch #100 on September 22nd. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get a sneak peak! Below are the Hero skins our Skyweaver Ambassadors have revealed thus far. Keep an eye out for more art reveals on social media leading up to release!

So how does it all work?

Anyone can mint (purchase) a Legacy Hero skin even if you don’t own the required 10 Gold cards. Just be sure to have some USDC to cover the cost of acquiring the necessary Golds. You’ll also need to pay a minting fee. This is all made super easy for you in-game on the Hero skin feature page.

Here you’ll be able to add Hero skins to your order and complete the purchase entirely with USDC. Behind the scenes, Gold cards will be purchased from the Market and burned in order to mint the Hero skin(s). Of course, you’ll be able to select any number of Gold cards that you already own.

Note: You can only purchase up to five skins in one transaction

How do I get a Hero Skin?

Every Hero skin requires 10 Gold cards and X amount of USDC. The amount of USDC required will start at around 20.00 and increase exponentially each time 10 skins are minted. Therefore, if a lot of skins exist, minting a new one will come with a higher USDC minting fee.

Players will also have the option to solely use Gold cards, as the extra copies can be automatically sold on the Market to cover the USDC minting fee. The value of Gold cards and Hero skins will be determined by the market at any given time.

Minting fee above has been rounded to the nearest whole number

The "Mint number" is per Hero skin and only references the number of skins minted through this system (not the current total supply).

Note: There is no maximum supply imposed for these Hero skins. The exact supply can increase indefinitely along with the USDC minting fee.

Can Hero skins do anything?

It’s totally valid for cosmetic items to simply look amazing! This utility is why skins and other cosmetic items have existed for decades and continue to be a commercial success. That said, we think we can expand on this without compromising the core identity of this item and what it represents.

Players using a Legacy Hero skin will receive 25% more Conquest points (rounded up) while completing matches in Conquest. This means a deck of 30 Silver cards—where each card would grant 1 point—will instead grant a total of 38 points! To learn more about the new Conquest Treasure system releasing with Patch #100 click or tap here.

Will different Hero skins be released in the future?

We plan to have different Hero skins in the future. Distribution models and supplementary utility for these skins have yet to be determined. Rest assured we'll continue to involve the community where appropriate on news surrounding future Hero skins well in advance.

Can you buy and sell skins?

Yes! While skins won’t be tradable on the Skyweaver market for now, you’ll still be able to do whatever you want with your items as always. This means you can freely trade peer-to-peer with friends using the Sequence Wallet, gift them, or use other third party apps/services.

Note: While Hero skins won’t be immediately available to trade in the Market, you will be able to trade Stickers once Patch #100 drops!

Just be extra careful whenever interacting with any website outside of Skyweaver. A malicious website could trick you into losing ALL your items if you’re not careful. Horizon WILL NOT be able to recover your items if something goes wrong. So if you’re ever unsure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution, and refrain from interacting with unfamiliar apps and services with your Sequence Wallet.

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