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Nov 23, 2021

With over 100,000 accounts created, it's easy to forget Skyweaver has yet to exit testnet. The transition from Final Test Phase to Soft Launch means player progression and items will be wiped to make room for the real deal—the mainnet economy. But wait, there's more!

Soft Launch is very close, and with it brings a score of tradable rewards that will be given to players who helped us get to where we are today. 😊 This is our way of saying thank you to the wonderful community we’ve been growing together—and this is just the beginning!

This means we'll finally be able to reward the community with tradable items; since you'll get to keep them! Below are the 3 different reward types we'll distribute throughout the Soft Launch:

  • Conquest Tickets
  • Community Silver cards
  • Community Gold cards

Let’s explore what these rewards will be!

Conquest Tickets

To celebrate Conquest Gold card winners throughout the Final Test Phase, we will distribute 500 Conquest Tickets. We said 200 initially, but that was when our playerbase was smaller! You guys deserve moar! 🐱

Each Gold card EARNED via Conquest during the Final Testing Phase will count as one “raffle ticket” to earn a real Conquest Ticket. The more Gold cards won in Conquest during the Final Test Phase, the higher the chances you will receive free Conquest Tickets!

What can you do with Conquest Tickets?

You can play a round of Conquest! A single-elimination tournament-style PvP experience where you can earn Silver and Gold cards! Learn more about Conquest Mode here.

How do I know if I won?

At some point during the Soft Launch, we will announce the distribution of these free Conquest Tickets to players on our Discord. Check your Sequence Wallet to see if you received any when the time comes!

Can I buy and sell Conquest Tickets in-game?

You can purchase them through the Conquest menu screen in-game. However, you cannot sell Conquest Tickets in-game. For more information on this and other mainnet features, read this blog post.

Community Silver Cards

Over the years, Skyweaver has made appearances at many events including Twitchcon & EGLX and held various mini tournaments across the globe! Across the globe meaning 4 destinations… 😅 but still! We’re thrilled to finally reward these Skyweaver OGs and tournament winners their well deserved Silver cards.

How do you know if you’re eligible for a free Silver card?

If you received a PHYSICAL beta code card at one of the events Horizon attended that CONTAINS the word Genesis, you will receive a free Silver card if you used it to create your Skyweaver account!

Note: Some of the physical beta code cards we handed out at later events did not contain this reward (see image below for reference).

If you participated in one of our Horizon-recognized tournaments where Silver cards were awarded as prizes—such as the Infura-hosted tournament—we have your contact information and we will reach out to confirm your Skyweaver account soon. You could also reach out to us if you prefer using the email address provided.

Do I still need the physical card to redeem the reward?

First of all, how dare you lose such a treasure! Just joking 😂 you don’t need the physical cards to redeem the reward. We already kept a record in our database for players that used the applicable beta codes on those cards. The only reason it may prove useful now is so you can double check your eligibility.

When will I receive the Silver card?

These Silver cards will be distributed sometime between Soft Launch and Open Beta. We will announce the distribution of these on our Discord. So be sure to check your wallet when that day comes!

How many Silver cards are being rewarded?

In total, there will be around 300 Silver cards given out to eligible players.

Which Silver card will I receive?

The Silver card you’ll receive will be randomly determined.

Can I buy and sell Silver cards in-game?

Yes! Just head over to the Skyweaver Market in-game.

Community Gold Cards

Finally, we arrive at the Community Gold cards. These Gold cards are positioned to become some of the most coveted community rewards we distribute to players. This is because the Gold cards awarded will never be attainable through Conquest in the future. Among the chosen are Doom Shroom, Starfield, and Call to Action.

How do I get these Community Gold card rewards?

In an earlier blog post, we outlined that players who rank in the top 500 in either Discovery or Constructed at the conclusion of the Preseason and/or Season 0 will receive a rare Gold card! When Open Beta begins, these eligible winners will randomly receive 1 Gold Doom Shroom or 1 Gold Starfield.

The card(s) will be distributed to players automatically. Note that only accounts in good standing that did not engage in illicit queue manipulation (such as wintrading) are eligible for these rewards. You can keep track of the list of winners here and this will be updated soon after Soft Launch begins.

Can I receive multiple Gold cards?

Yes! If you ranked high enough in both the Preseason and Season 0 leaderboards, you'll receive rewards for any leaderboard you are eligible for, up to 4 Gold cards (two seasons, each with a Constructed and Discovery leaderboard).

What if I wanted the “insert card name”? 😢

If you wanted a Doom Shroom but received a Starfield (or vice versa), you can always trade with a friend. You might even be able to sell the card in the Skyweaver Market--so long as liquidity has been provided. Horizon will not add initial liquidity for these community Gold cards. If these cards do become tradable in the Market, you are free to trade your Gold card(s) until your heart’s content!

Will there be another chance to win these?

Yes! It is expected that about 47 of each Doom Shroom and Starfield Gold cards will be left over once the distribution is complete. This is because there were only 507 total winners during the preseason—which leaves 93 Gold cards left out of 1,600. We will give away these extra Gold cards via community events, so keep an eye out for those!

What about the Call to Action Gold card?

This reward will be reserved for marketing purposes (“call to action” 😉). The exact methods to acquire it will vary depending on the campaign or event that will be in place. In other words, there will be many opportunities to acquire this card through "social events" in the future. Of course, you’ll also be able to trade the card like any other Gold card in Skyweaver.

How many copies will exist?

These three Gold cards (Doom Shroom, Starfield, and Call to Action) are “limited edition” and will only be printed once. For these particular cards, only 800 of each will ever exist in the world!

We hope you enjoy these rewards and thank you again for your continued support in testing our game 💛 There is still more on the horizon, so stay tuned and be sure to join our community! In the meantime, to learn more about the issuance of the other Gold cards, check out the Economy blog post! If you haven’t read our Market Overview blog post yet, read it here.

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