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By helping you grow your audience, Skyweaver grows as a game and as a community

Creators Program

Creators Program

Creators Program


We want to see you grow as a content creator and expand the limits of what you can produce. To do so, we want to offer you some help and the recognition you deserve. All kinds of creators are welcome!

Increase your skills

Be a pioneer

Expand your reach


Approved Creators will have a number of perks available to them, and we want to hear what the creators want from this program, too. We are building several rewards for our partners, but right now, we have:

Access to exclusive assets

Digital items

A special Discord Role


Yes! All we want are motivated people that are keen on creating and growing their platforms, whatever they may be. We welcome videos, livestreaming, podcast, fansites, blogs, fanfiction, cosplayers, and pretty much anything else. Be creative!

Community building


Fanart and fanfic, and more!

Exclusive Members Reward

Join the Creators Program, be an active part of the community, create Skyweaver content, and be eligible for a rare Sapphire Crystal! Only 800 available. Given to the first 800 active members*

Like the other Skyweaver Crystals, this Crystal will change your in-game Skytag color name, showing everyone that you are a big deal in our community.

*Hand picked by our Community Team

Join The Creators Crew

Join The Creators Crew

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Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors Program

What is the Ambassadors Program?

Ever wanted to create and publish content about a game and get paid for it? Well, this program is just that! A special tier of the Skyweaver Creators Program is the Ambassadors Program. You must submit an application to Horizon Blockchain Games in order for us to review your application before getting approved into this Ambassadors Program.

What’s the difference between the Creators Program and the Ambassadors Program?

The main difference is that as a Skyweaver Ambassador, upon approval by Horizon Blockchain Games, you will be paid to publish content about Skyweaver. All official Skyweaver Ambassadors approved into this program are automatically considered part of the Creators Program and will reap the same benefits outlined in the Creators Program.

Official Skyweaver Ambassadors will also receive an ultra rare and exclusive Amber Crystal after a minimum of three months of creating content for Skyweaver.

How to Become aN Ambassador

How to Become aN Ambassador


Step one


Apply to the program by filling out this form.

Submissions Closed


Step two


We will contact you individually by email to get more information before you can be accepted to the program.


Step three

get paid

Reap the rewards and benefits of being an official Skyweaver Ambassador!

Exclusive Amber Crystal

This ultra-rare Amber Crystal will be exclusive to approved Ambassadors who have been creating and publishing content about Skyweaver for at least three months.

Like the other Skyweaver Crystals, this Crystal will change your in-game Skytag color name, showing everyone that you are a big deal in our community.

Limited edition given to the first 400 active members

Apply to become an ambassador

Apply to become an ambassador

Complete this form to submit your application! Once approved into the program, be amongst the upper echelon of Creators for Skyweaver, get prestige and aim to get your very own Amber Crystal!

Submissions Closed

Learn more about the Ambassadors
Program in this blog post.

Got any questions about the Ambassadors Program? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

Skyweaver Streamer Kit

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