TwitchCon San Diego - Highlights & Photos

Team Horizon

Oct 02, 2019

TwitchCon San Diego Sept 27-30

Last weekend, we were in San Diego at TwitchCon, and we had an absolute blast meeting tons of passionate streamers and content creators! Here’s a roundup of some of the highlights of our time at the show, and some pictures we took along the way!

The day before the show. Everybody is setting up their booth space.
Day 1 of TwitchCon, right before the show opened to attendees.

Booth setup day. Here are obligatory before and after shots of our booth space :)

Before pic of our booth on set-up day.
Before pic of our booth on set-up day featuring community manager, Marcelo :)
After pic of our booth, minus a couple of finishing touches (Streamer Program banner and beta cards)
After a long day's work of setting up our booth, we are ready to go!

On the first day of the show, we already had a crowd of people coming by to play the SkyWeaver private beta!

Booth visitors came by to play PvP matches against their friends or against other players in the private beta queue.
Lead game designer Jon Loucks giving a gameplay demo of SkyWeaver to booth visitors :)
TwitchCon SkyWeaver booth with attendees gathering to learn more about our game.

We were both humbled and honoured to see people that we met on the Friday of the show return to our booth on the Saturday and Sunday to continue playing SkyWeaver. We had a few groups of people let us know that they’d been playing on their phones in the evenings because the game is so fun!

As part of the official Streamer Program at TwitchCon, we were able to share more info about our Creators Program. We want content creators to know that we are there to support them for the long-term, whether they’re just starting to stream, or if they’ve been streaming for years. Our Streamer Kit is available for download so that all streamers have the resources and graphics they need to stream SkyWeaver right away.

We were part of TwitchCon's official Streamer Program. Lots of streamers came by our booth to learn more about what we had to offer to them as part of the program to help them grow as creators and support them along their journey to create great content.
Community manager Marcelo chatting with a booth visitor to tell them more about our Streamer Program :)
Our team had a regular breakfast spot - Morning Glory in Little Italy. A great way to fuel the rest of the day! ;)
We had an unexpected visitor in front of our booth on day two!
We got to enjoy the San Diego weather a little, can’t complain!
Crowds gather as Marcelo explains the game and what our Streamer Program offers.
Lead game designer Jon Loucks chatting with booth visitors about SkyWeaver's gameplay and game design.

Superfan and longtime SkyWeaver, Michael AKA Werfs, was invited to join us at TwitchCon and we couldn’t be happier that he was part of our team for three days at the show :) Thanks again for everything, Werfs! <3

Superfan and longtime SkyWeaver, Michael AKA Werfs, was invited to join us at TwitchCon! (@iamwerfs on Instagram)

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, we weren’t able to stream from the showfloor. However, we will make up for this! During our upcoming community livestreams, our community manager Marcelo will raffle off some Genesis cards to viewers. Viewers can win the cards during the livestream, and then the cards will be delivered to them once SkyWeaver launches.

Meanwhile, several lucky winners were picked in our Twitter raffle every day of the show. Congrats to them :)

Thanks to everyone who came by our booth during the show! We'll see you next year! ;)

We want to thank everyone who came by our booth to check out SkyWeaver and learn more about our Streamer Program. We’re humbled by all the positive feedback we’ve received about our game, and we’re excited to continue chatting with everyone that we met at the show on our Discord server!

Looking forward to next year’s TwitchCon!

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