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Ashavari Joshi

Nov 22, 2021

Let’s talk hardware specs!

Skyweaver is a game made to be playable from a Web browser, so that it is accessible from anywhere.  When it comes to playing Skyweaver, you have many options! However, like most video games, you may encounter some limitations. Performance limitations vary from device to device, so we have compiled a list of recommended settings for you!

Skyweaver can be accessed via both mobile and tablet devices via your app stores.

Android Devices

Operating System Version: Android 10 or higher

Release Year: 2017 or newer

RAM: 4gb or higher

Storage: 16gb or higher

Apple Devices:

Operating System Version: iOS 14.7 or higher

Release Year: 2016 or newer

RAM: 2gb or higher

Storage: 16gb or higher

Please note that performance will depend entirely on the manufacturer of your mobile device. Some devices may fit the above recommendations but still fail to perform adequately based on make and model. If you encounter any issues, please report them to our Support team with your mobile device information including device model and OS version.

Skyweaver can be accessed via browser and desktop client.

CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 or better

GPU: GTX 970 equivalent or newer

*Dedicated graphics card is not mandatory. Some computers with integrated graphics made in the past 5 years will work as well.


Supported Browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi

*Firefox users may encounter some performance issues during gameplay. If these persist after tweaking your in-game settings and downloading all assets via Settings, please try a different browser.

These recommended settings will be updated as we further our development of Skyweaver. Please be sure to check these recommended settings before reporting any performance issues to our Support team. If you’d like to test the game, join the beta now at

Talk to the devs and other players in our Discord server to discuss the game and connect with the community!

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