State of the Game - June 2022

Marcelo Suplicy

Jun 17, 2022

Hello, Skyweavers!

Horizon has just turned four years old, and in this time, Skyweaver has grown from an initial concept and vision to a fully-fledged TCG that utilizes blockchain technology to bring meaningful ownership to all our players.

Looking back to the game’s history, it went from a closed Alpha test with a handful of testers in late 2018, and in less than four years later, and only four months after our Open Beta launch, we’ve built Skyweaver into a live game with players all over the world.

Up to this point, we’ve had 4.8m Ranked Skyweaver matches played (excluding practice and Tutorial matches) and we’ve seen over 400k accounts created (407k, to be more precise). Thousands of daily users regularly enjoy our Ranked and Conquest modes, and we have been releasing new features outlined in our Roadmap pretty regularly.

We’re really stoked to announce Clash of Inventors, our first major expansion for Skyweaver. Containing over 50 cards, each one of the five Prisms will receive at least 10 new cards that will expand the realms of what’s possible in a Skyweaver match. Beyond new Spells, and new Units we’re also introducing new gameplay mechanics, such as Dash, which is a new trait that allows Units to attack opponents in the turn they are played. Sneaky!

Of course, Clash of Inventors will also expand on the mysterious lore of Sky!

“Once a year, the greatest inventors, mechanists, and creative minds from across Sky gather for Kore City’s annual ‘Festival of Invention’ bringing their greatest, wildest, and most groundbreaking inventions to compete for the title of ‘Architect of Invention!’ Do you have what it takes to compete and claim the title for yourself?”

Clash of Inventors goes live on July 7th, but you can learn more about the new cards way before that. Our Community Ambassadors will have exclusive access to a set of upcoming cards and will share them with the world during a series of Reveal Events, starting on June 20th. Please check the Card Reveal Calendar in our Clash of Inventors page for more information.

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