State of the Game - December 2021

Marcelo Suplicy

Dec 03, 2021

Hello Skyweavers.

We did it—together! Soft Launch has now been live for a week. It’s been amazing and crazy so far! So many amazing matches, players having fun and “aha!” moments about winning NFTs, community conversations, coupled with a crazy week of work, investigation, discussion, bug-fixing and community-building, and we can say we’re extremely pleased with the game right now.

We are immensely proud of our game, since there is a lot of tech running under the hood to ensure matches happen as they should, and that Silver + Gold NFT cards are minted and sent to their rightful owners. As a refresher, we outlined the details of our two most prominent game modes:

Now to celebrate all that, let’s talk data!

First of all, we sent our first batch of Weekly Ranked Rewards last Monday, November 28th. We sent 688 Silver cards to 250 players in each Ranked game type (Constructed and Discovery)! You can view how the exact distribution works here or check out the image below.

The same number of cards will be sent next Monday to the newest top players.

Up until Thursday, Dec. 2, we minted 24,390 Silver cards and 4,985 Gold cards as a result of your matches on Skyweaver, and this was just the first week! On Monday 2pm UTC, eight new Gold cards will start to be minted, and the 8 current ones won’t ever be minted as Gold cards again.

Number of matches also skyrocketed, as expected! Since Soft-launch began, we’ve had a total of:

9,931 - Practice Matches
1,405 - Private Matches
106,471 - Ranked Discovery Matches
17,901 - Ranked Constructed Matches
30,847 - Discovery Conquest matches
6,900 - Constructed Conquest matches

For reference, we had reached 1 million matches before Soft Launch began on Nov 25th. After one week, we had an additional 200k matches played already.

Next, we also have a handy table showing our most dominant week 1 Heroes.

Most dominant Heroes

Match length is currently in good shape, with no game type averaging more than 15 minutes per match.

* Note on Constructed Conquest: Some win traders attacked our queue, but we've swiftly took care of them and Constructed Conquest queue is now looking healthy.

And finally, our numbers related to daily matches have jumped up dramatically, when compared to our last week before Soft Launch

Personally, I am thrilled we have done all this without ever putting our vision of ownership and fairness in question, and this is how we’ll move forward. We want people playing and competing for fun and glory, while owning the fruits of their challenges.

The community has been absolutely crucial in reporting bugs and bad actors, and through those, we are able to keep a fast development cycle of improvements and corrections. I can’t thank you all enough.

So, that’s Week 1 of many thousands of weeks to come. Thanks for being with us on this journey, and see you in Sky, of course!

// Marcelo, Director of Community, and all the amazing Horizon team

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