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Jun 10, 2022

With the most recent changes to the progression system going live this week, we thought it was time to publish a new post organizing all there is to know about Skyweaver's current progression system—as well as sharing a few plans moving forward! 🥇

🙋 Completely new to Skyweaver? Check out our Getting Started guide!

New Players

Right off the bat new players will jump into their first tutorial match where upon completion will unlock their first Hero and Starter deck. Heroes determine the types of cards you can wield in a match and therefore are tied to Starter decks. Upon reaching levels 3, 6, 9, and 12 you will unlock all remaining Starter decks. Reaching level 15 will unlock all remaining Heroes—a total of 15 of them!

Together the five Starter decks a new player unlocks at the start of a game will grant +125 new Base cards they can use to build custom decks. While Base cards might not looks as shiny, the great thing about them is they are on par with Silver and Gold cards in terms of power!

Leveling up

Leveling up is the tried and true method for measuring progress in a game. In Skyweaver players level up by acquiring experience points (XP). The amount of XP needed varies depending on your level. Every time you level up you'll be awarded 1 new Base card to use in the Constructed game type.

Players gain +20 XP each time they complete a match. Winners receive an additional +30 XP. If a player concedes before turn 7 they will forfeit all XP.

Note: While XP is always awarded in Ranked and Conquest mode, it's only awarded in Tutorial, Practice, and Private mode up to level 15

XP Boosts

Daily bonuses exist in many games to encourage players to participate often. Daily bonuses help pace the leveling system—so those who have less time to play don’t fall too far behind their friends. In Skyweaver these daily bonuses appear in the form of "XP Boosts" upon the conclusion of a match.

  • Each day players receive 2 XP Boosts (new players start with 6)
  • These XP Boosts can stack up a max total of 6 (three days worth)
  • XP Boosts grants +80 XP for a completing a match

Ranked mode

Alrighty, so you completed the tutorial and tried your hand at the practice bot. It's time to enter the ranks! There are 6 ranks to achieve, each one more difficult to obtain than the last. All players begin as a Wanderer—a state of innocent bliss. To ascend the ranks, you need to obtain rank points (RP), which you accumulate by winning matches.

Above is a table displaying all the ranks and their respective requirements, resets, and rewards. For a deep dive of this ranking system, head over here!


Skyweaver seasons to last one month—or 28 days to be exact. Every Monday at 10:00am ET free Silver cards and Conquest Tickets are distributed to the top performing players in Ranked mode! A consolidated list of the top players in Ranked mode (prioritizing rank over Elo) is used to determine the winners. All players are able to view their current placement in-game by tapping on RANKS at the top right of the menu.

We do this every week to encourage players to rank at the top of the leaderboard throughout the entire season, rather than only the last few days of the month. Check out the exact distribution model (Google sheet).

Note: The Wanderer rank is treated as an "introductory rank". Players with this rank do not show up on the leaderboard, nor are they eligible to receive the weekly rewards

Game Types

Whether you fancy playing Constructed (where you build a tailed deck) or the more whimsical Discovery game type (where the cards are randomly pooled from the chosen Hero's Prism), you’ll be placed onto a sperate leaderboard. This means you could potentially become a Grandweaver and receive rewards for each game type if you play both! Toss out those preconceptions; double dipping is encouraged here 😆

Looking ahead

You might be thinking "this is great and all but where's the achievement list or badges or what the heck do I do after I unlock all the Base cards?". We hear you. Hopefully you can stick with us as we continue to add more awesome features to the game. Progression systems constantly evolve as the game matures. And the constant need for more content will always be a never-ending mission.

The addition of new cosmetic items such as Stickers and Hero skins that have recently been introduced will open the doors to awarded progression beyond Base cards. There are also other elements at play within Skyweaver. And next year we even have plans to incorporate our own interpretation of a Prestige system for veteran players wishing to relive the glory days. In the meantime, we hope you will 👇

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