Red Night - Patch #85

Team Horizon

Jan 05, 2022

Patch will be live Thursday, Jan 6th around 6:00pm EST!

It's the first patch of 2022 and we're already coming in hot! Blood Hunter and Blood Moon enjoy their final night before the imminent nerfs come into effect. 🌕 But the night is young! Scroll on down and read all about the new animations, shadows, and tooltips added to the game!

📺 Check out the new floating animations, shadows, and tooltips!

New Features ⭐

  • Added a gentle floating & bobbing animation to signify characters that can attack. And you thought Zoomie was impatient!
  • Added shadows under characters.
  • Upgraded the tooltips on hovered cards.
  • Added info about card types & elements in deck when hovering the deck.

Improvements 🦾

  • Switching between Buy & Sell keeps the card type you have selected (Gold/Silver).
  • Multiple errors in the menu are now condensed into one.
  • Hero emote lines have been tweaked: Now all heroes will say "gg" or "good game" when you use the GG emote.
  • Revamped the design of errors in the menu for more clarity.

Bugfixes 🐛

  • Glacial Hulk has the correct background now.
  • The lore on Mass Confuse & Ari's Insight have been corrected.
  • The label showing number of cards matching a search in the library or market has been re-added. 💯
  • Playing the ranked warm-up games after level 15 has been fixed.
  • We've re-added the required app update on iOS and Android apps, now that the update should be rolled out to everyone's app store.
  • The Buff & Debuff icons in the deck sidebar are back.
  • Fixed some weird in-game bugs relating to slow loading that had various symptoms.
  • Fixed a bug where units would enter, leave, and enter the grave sidebar again if it had been granted a trait it didn't originally have.
  • Fixed issues caused by Pharonis, Jar of Souls, and other effects that move units & cards around. These issues could cause a desync between the game client & the actual state of the game, causing duplicate copies of units, fields that seemed over-filled, ghost versions of units that couldn't be interacted with, and other terrifying bugs. 👻 All these ghosts have been busted!
  • Fixed a bug where Disciple of Gusto would prevent damage from an opponent's Krakus trigger. Triggers are now fully resolved in between Sunset and Sunrise phases.
  • Fixed a bug causing the error "cannot read property 'state' of undefined".
  • Fixed a bug causing the error "cannot read property 'get' of undefined".
  • Fixed a bug where Lotus' Reflection always gave 2 mana next turn. Now it only gives 2 mana next turn if you have 0 after it's cast, like the card says.
  • Fixed a bug where Grasping Maiden would resurrect units with the attachments their base cards had, instead of the attachments they had when they were captured by Maiden.
  • Fixed a bug causing the error "entity does not have component of type 'interactiveIndicators'".
  • The in-game "Disable Screenshake" setting has been renamed to "Reduce Motion", and it will also apply to the hover effect on units that can attack.
  • Fixed the wrong SkyTag displaying in Conquest matches.
  • Fixed mouseovers and taps on the graveyard sometimes opening details for an attachment.
  • Fixed a bug where units would stay gray after leaving the graveyard.

Soft Launch


Welcome to patch 85 everyone! It's good to be back after a restful holiday season. We’ve got some more limited changes this week, largely focusing on encouraging more back and forth gameplay via increasing players ability to interact with a few particularly polarizing cards and strategies.

Discovery Rates

Blood Hunter (3052)

Blood Hunter - Your hero and units ignore guard when attacking.

    Cost: 3 4

    Traits: None banner

    Power: 2 4

    Health: 4 3

Blood Hunter has been a bit of a boogeyman for some time now. While having powerful finishers is healthy, the centralizing nature of Hunter was slightly problematic, and prompted an adjustment to it and its spell. The first part of this tweak is focused on making Blood Hunter itself more valuable. As a rule, we want units with attached spells to present a compelling argument for playing themselves with or without their attached spell. In the case of Hunter, her 2/4 body just didn’t offer enough value to make her a compelling curve play. With Banner, she now carries more tempo value on her own, allowing proactive trades to be taken. Additionally, trading one health for two power lets her push more damage, while making her easier to remove, making her guard negating ability easier to answer past the initial turn she is played.

Blood Moon (20011)

Blood Moon - Give ally units +1 power and stealth.

    Cost: 4 3

    Text: Give ally units +2 power. Give ally units +1 power and stealth.

Alongside the tweak to Hunter is a tweak to Blood Moon, in the form of reducing the power boost it grants, as well as giving it a thematic tweak and element of risk through giving your whole board stealth, meaning that while Hunter allows you to bypass enemy defenses, it also drops guard off your own units, leaving you open to a potential counterattack. Moon does cost 1 less mana now, but the lower damage output and increased cost on Hunter will help mitigate this factor.

Flock (1030)

Flock - Summon three Songbird.

    Text: Summon three Songbird with Shroud. Summon three Songbird.

Dropping Shroud on the birds. Rather than creating interesting back and forth gameplay, the Shroud Flock granted tended to either be near-useless, (as AOE and unit attacks could still easily clear the birds) or extremely frustrating, as it completely shut off certain answers like Its a Trap, making for a very polarizing experience. Without Shroud, players will be able to use Zaps and other targeted spells to shoot down the Songbirds in a pinch, allowing for more interactivity, while maintaining the extra damage the on-spell Banner provides.

Puppet Master (4092)

Puppet Master - Summon: Draw and summon your lowest cost unit as 2/2 with guard.

    Text: Summon: Draw and summon your lowest cost unit as 2/2. Give it guard and attach Lead. Summon: Draw and summon your lowest cost unit as 2/2 with guard.

A simple ‘nerf’ to some of the cheat/reanimator style builds in the game. Puppet Master no longer attaches Lead to the unit it summons, encouraging more counterplay via silence and dusting, while allowing for more flexibility through allowing the use of any attachments that the unit it summons may have.

Wartlock (3076)

Wartlock - Summon: Draw and summon a unit. Destroy it.

    Traits: wither,lifesteal wither

    Health: 4 3

A particularly tricky change here - options such as increasing Wartlock’s cost or changing its effect were considered, but the former would have had little impact since the decks that use it often cheat it into play via cards like Dual Boot and Puppet Master, and the latter would likely kill a creative and interesting deck, so instead, we’ve opted for a more subtle change, by weakening Wartlock’s health and removing Lifesteal from it, meaning that it holds significantly less value on its own, making it easier to clear and removing the important healing factor that it offered, making it a less secure play on its own.

Trailblazer (1033)

Trailblazer -  Glory: Give the left and right-most fire cards in your hand -1 cost.

    Text: Glory: Give fire cards in your hand -1 cost. Glory: Give the left and right-most fire cards in your hand -1 cost.

A final change to a particularly snowbally card in Agility with a very high winrate. Trailblazer could be almost like a 2c cloud sloth in Fire-focused decks, so we’ve reduced the maximum potential cost decrease it offers, making getting a single trigger off it less insane, via capping the number of cards it can reduce to two. However, its worth noting it can double-reduce a card’s cost, assuming it is the left and rightmost fire card in hand. (IE. the only fire card in hand).

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