A New Cycle - Patch #81

Team Horizon

Nov 24, 2021

Patch will be live Thursday, Nov 25th around 1:00pm EST!

Good evening! Or perhaps it's a good morning. Regardless of where you reside in the world, one thing is for sure—you’re all Skyweavers; pioneers of a new digital dimension. 🌐 In Sky, the world is constantly evolving. New card frames, a new island, and even lore has finally been added to the game.

It’s time to check out what's been cooking behind the scenes in preparation for Soft Launch. So let’s dive in!

📺 Check out the new Conquest island! If you thought Conquest wasn’t already nerve racking before, now you’ll have a bunch of overbearing statues watching your every move! 😅

New Features ⭐

  • New Conquest island! Individual statues will light up depending on the match number of your Conquest. 😮
  • Added Flavor Text to every card! It’s visible in-game and in card the detail page along with the artist's name!
  • Added an “Add Funds” button to the checkout window on compatible devices, so you can buy USDC to complete your purchases. You can read the Switch to Mainnet post for more details.

New Art 🎨

  • Updated icons and splash imagery across the game and mobile apps.
  • Our card frames have been enhanced to increase readability!

Economy 🌷

  • All player progression—levels, XP, season rank placements, stats and unlocked Base cards—will now be permanent
  • All tradable items acquired will now be permanent

When Skyweaver enters Soft Launch (Nov 25th), all player progress will be reset to ZERO. This includes all cards earned on testnet (Final Testing Phase) levels, XP, season rank placements, and stats (with the exception of your account creation date). Soft Launch ushers in a Play-to-Own economy in which you can win items that become your property for free via gameplay. Soft Launch also marks the end of Season 0 and the start of Season 1 of our Ranked Leaderboard rewards.

Learn more about the Soft Launch in this post!

Improvements 🦾

  • Added a countdown timer to the VS screen to show how long players have to wait for their opponent to load before they automatically win the match.
  • Added a warning prompt if you attempt to play Ranked or Conquest prior to downloading all the game assets. This will help ensure players don’t take too long to load—resulting in forfeited matches.
  • Cleaned up the Settings menu in-game to make it more intuitive.
  • Increased the default frame rate on mobile devices and added a battery-saver mode to the settings (mobile only) which will throttle the frame rate.
  • The in-game preview system and popup for health changes now show +0 HP modifiers for cards like Void Knight which change a modification to 0.
  • When a card with a Continuous effect applies its effect, the icon will now flash orange. 🍊
  • The Action History toggle button now has “active” and “inactive” states.
  • Various UI improvements across the market, deckbuilder, profile pages, and more!

Changes ⚙️

  • Changed the order of the increase/decrease quantity buttons in the cart to ⬇️⬆️.
  • Changed the number of Grandweavers from top 25 to top 100.
  • You are now always on the left in the VS screen.
  • Added a warning prompt if you try to play Conquest with an account under level 15. This is because Conquest is a highly competitive game mode not intended for new players.
  • Increased the amount of time you have to accept a match from 20 to 30 seconds. Imagine how many more snacks you can grab with all that extra time! 😅

Bugfixes 🐛

  • Fixed a handful of bugs related to downloading assets, and added an error message when downloading assets would fail.
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to reconnections.
  • Fixed changing music 🎵 and SFX volume in-game on iOS devices.
  • Fixed multiple instances of dialogs flowing off-screen.
  • Fixed a bug where a stealthed unit could appear unstealthed on your screen if your opponent passed control to you before the animation of your hero being damaged completes.
  • Fixed a bug where mousing over the graveyard and action history at the same time would show two intersecting card popups.
  • Improved the error handling in-game: most “freeze” crash bugs are now replaced with an error message.

Soft Launch


Hello everyone! Welcome to our Soft Launch balance patch! It's a bit of a mid-sized one this week, mostly focusing on some tweaks to underperformers, especially to some Intellect cards which have been doing very poorly in the metagame, and trying to rework a few to have a bit more utility and be less one-note.

We've also got some amazing aesthetic tweaks, between our incredible new card frames, and the new flavor text we’ve included for each and every one of Sky’s 500+ cards (even tokens, enchants, and attachments) as a means to give you some glimpses into the lore of Sky.

Grunk (76)

Grunk -

    Power: 3 2

    Health: 2 3

A small adjustment to an underperformer, swapping its power/health to allow it to survive a little more effectively, especially post-Anima activation.

Forest Fire (3008)

Forest Fire - Do 3 damage to all units. For each unit destroyed, its player summons Elderwood with Flames.

    Traits: None wither

A buff to an AOE spell that has been underperforming for some time. Having Wither further encourages using it to break down enemy units, rather than destroying them outright, making it a bit more flexible in the mid to late game.

Hive (4021)

Hive - Sunset: Summon B Unit.

    Power: 0 1

A small buff to an Intellect underperformer, giving Hive a bit of a sting.

Trinketeer (4030)

Trinketeer - Summon: Add a copy of your top dead 1 cost card to hand. Give it -1 cost if it is a spell.

    Text: Summon: Return your top dead 1 cost card to hand. Summon: Add a copy of your top dead 1 cost card to hand. Give it -1 cost if it is a spell.

A tweak/buff to one of the lowest ranked cards in Intellect. Trinketeer will now add a copy of the card to your hand, allowing for some potential with cards like Unfallow, as well as building up 1c card counts for spells like Unophobia, and also discounts the card by 1 mana if it is a spell (likely making it free). This added combo potential and tempo value should help Trinketeer find a place in the metagame. Thanks to Matthew for some of the finer details of this buff, like the idea to make a copy!

Coal Dozer (4044)

Coal Dozer - Inspire 1 cost: Gain +1/+1.

    Spell: Chain Toss Vile Vial

Reverting an Intellect card to have a bit more cycling power via Vile Vial and return a bit of aggressive potential to Intellect.

Curious (4065)

Curious - After you play your left-most card in hand, draw a card.

    Power: 3 4

A small power boost to try to give a weak Intellect card another chance at life.

Bubbles (4067)

Bubbles - Inspire Water: Gain  +1 health. If that card is 1 cost or more, gain +1/+1 instead.

    Text: Inspire Water: Gain +1 health. Inspire Water: Gain +1 health. If that card is 1 cost or more, gain +1/+1 instead.

A slight effect adjustment here to make the card more relevant. Bubbles will now gain +1/+1 if the Water card played is 1 cost or higher (IE. not mana potion/flask) giving it a bit more oomph overall, especially in the mid to lategame.

Rage Cage (4082)

Rage Cage -

    Power: 2 3

Another small +1pow buff to an underperforming Intellect card. Matthew noted the weakness of this card in the current meta, along with others like Hive.

Roothog (45)

Roothog - Summon: Attach Roots to enemy units.

    Spell: None Anima

A slightly scary but fun buff here, adding Anima to an underperforming card to give it a bit more potential and

Earwig (94)

Earwig - Death: Attach Fate to the right and left-most units in your hand.

    Cost: 2 3

    Health: 3 4

Another in a series of tweaks to Earwig in an to curb Mono-Strength decks’ dominance, moving earwig up the curve should make the draw power of the deck slightly slower.

Hyper Beam (14)

Hyper Beam - Do damage to target unit equal to the size of the enemy's hand.

    Cost: 3 2

    Text: Do damage to target unit equal to the size of the enemy's hand. Attach Dazed to it. Do damage to target unit equal to the size of the enemy's hand.

A pretty exciting multi-purpose change here, curve swapping with Earwig, while also buffing up a weak Strength card, and also buffing a Wisdom underperformer in Xavi.

Moltenous (61)

Moltenous - Death: Do 4 damage to non-fire units, and attach Flames to them.

    Text: Death: Do 4 damage to non-fire units and attach Flames to them. Death: Do 4 damage to non-fire units, and attach Flames to them.

    Health: 6 7

A small health buff to a weak Strength card. Having a bit more health should make it a bit harder for the enemy to control when it dies.

Dark Adept (3038)

Dark Adept - After another ally unit dies, draw and attach your lowest cost dark spell to this unit.

    Health: 4 5

A small health buff to a Heart underperformer. Even after the other buffs the card was still languishing at the bottom of Heart’s usage and winrate stats.

Gemini (4071)

Gemini - Play: Target ally unit gains guard and copies this unit's power and health.

    Power: 5 6

Adding +1pow back to Gemini, it should be perfectly fair in the current more aggressive metagame.

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