Year of the Cube - Patch #61

Team Horizon

Jan 13, 2021

Patch will be live Thursday, Jan 14th around 6:00pm EST!

We’re back! After a nice winter break full of Krampus gifts, we have returned with the first patch of 2021! Already, we have a massive animation overhaul included this week to make the card flinging experience even smoother! This is a special year for Skyweaver, so let’s get it started 🙌

Changes ⚙️

  • Removed the Krampus game mode and winter island (sad face emoji)

Improvements 🦾

  • Massive animation overhaul! Many parts of the game will be even smoother now. We re-wrote every animation between zones so please give us your feedback 😊
  • Increased the time limit for the rewards screen to allow for more reading time (you can still skip this right away!)
  • Updated the voice lines in the tutorial

Bugfixes 🐛

  • Fixed a bug where previewing the casting of a card could cause a skull to appear on your hero
  • Fixed a bug where action previews could show incorrect numbers
  • Fixed a bug where previews X-cost cards going from hand to deck would show cost change previews
  • Fixed a bug where receiving multiple heroes as level-up rewards would cause those heroes to overlap
  • Fixed a bug where cards that mulligan your hand were not showing previews

2020 Year in Review


Hey everyone! Welcome to our first balance patch of 2021! We have a fairly low key one to start us off, featuring a few often-requested nerfs and small buffs to help tune down a few meta powerhouses and support some underperformers. From what I’ve been seeing, the meta seems fairly varied currently, with a good mix of different archetypes between control, aggro, midrange, and combo. There are a few standout powerhouse decks which I’m continuing to watch, but it's been great to see all the new innovations and cool decks people have been coming up with!

Cube Junior (812)

Cube Junior - Your hero has lifesteal.

    Keywords: stealth,banner lifesteal,banner

A Nerf that's been a while coming, trading stealth for lifesteal makes for nice consistency between her keywords and effect, and make her easier to answer. While losing stealth makes her far more fragile and vulnerable to hero attacks, her lifesteal will allow her to swing life totals a bit more if a hero attacks her, so I think she’ll still be a potent tool.

Ifrit (235)

Ifrit - Death: Discard your non-fire cards in hand. Draw that many fire cards.

    Power: 5 6

A small buff here. Ifrit is a fairly underused card, so I don’t mind trying a bit more attack to offset the risk of his hand discard effect.

Orchid (403)

Orchid - Give units in your hand +1/+1. Give spells in your hand -1 cost. Gain 1 mana next turn.

    Text: Draw a 1 cost card. Give units in your hand +1/+1. Give spells in your hand -1 cost. Give units in your hand +1/+1. Give spells in your hand -1 cost. Gain 1 mana next turn.

    Keywords: None banner

Tweak to a fairly overpowered tool in WIS, focusing more on setting up for future turns, rather than immediate value/tempo via a draw + buff to a 1c unit or spell. Reducing draw here also means Orchid has more of an opportunity cost. Trading the draw for the 1-2 punch of banner + mana next turn may not actually be a meaningful nerf to Orchid, so I'll be keeping an eye on it, and may remove ethier Banner or the mana-banking effect if it's still too good, but awhile back we had 3c Orchid with banner and no mana-banking and it was pretty underused, so I'm hoping this should hit a good median.

Seek (623)

Seek - Draw your highest cost spell. Give it -2 cost.

    Text: Draw your highest cost spell. Give your hero Mana Potion. Draw your highest cost spell. Give it -2 cost.

Buff and thematic mirroring with Fish, allows you to discount your spell more and also reduces the amount of spell triggers it generates via not making a vial, potentially serving as a slight nerf to Zam or Water-Inspire strategies, though this will probably be a fairly minor nerf.

Dracomantium (634)

Dracomantium - Death: Dust your top ten dead cards to give your hero armor.

    Text: Death: Dust your top three dead metal cards to give your hero armor. Death: Dust your top ten dead cards to give your hero armor.

    Keywords: guard guard,lifesteal

    Power: 6 5

    Health: 9 10

    Spell: Lead None

A fairly big changeup here. With the tweak to Chains, active hero Armor has less reliable answers, so I’m removing Lead, to allow it to be answered more proactively via Dusting/Silencing. Also tweaked the statline, keywords, and effect to make up for the loss of Lead and make the frontend body more valuable, and reduced the need for a metal build around, as it now just dusts 10 dead cards, rather than 3 Metal ones, which makes it easier to activate, but also means it will fights with other grave-focused strategies like Grave Roil and Sky Phoenix a bit more. Ideally these changes should serve to make Dracomantium more flexible, via a less-specific activation condition, and more valuable on the frontend thanks to having Lifesteal and higher health, while also allowing for greater counterplay via Silence/Dusting.

Brimstone (410)

Brimstone - Death: Add Burn to a Crisp to your hand.

    Text: Death: Give your hero Burn to a Crisp. Death: Add Burn to a Crisp to your hand.

A small tweak/buff here, but one I really like. Putting the spell into hand is more valuable than putting it onto your hero, especially since Fire cards like Mothermander often want you to have more Fire cards in hand. Being able to play brimstone on-curve and then get a new in-hand fire card on its death feels pretty valuable for fire decks that want to maintain fire cards in hand, and beyond that, being able to play it early without risking your vial should generally make it more appealing.

Light Knight (622)

Light Knight - Inspire Light: Gain armor and Shield.

    Text: Inspire Light: Gain armor and banner. Inspire Light: Gain armor and Shield.

    Keywords: None banner

A buff/tweak here, the fact that its Inspire effect does nothing after the first trigger always felt a bit odd to me (though there’s definitely possible design space for that.) Being able to regenerate a shield off each light spell played should make for some fun play patterns via Shielding up and attacking with it, then shielding up again to protect it on the enemy turn.

Mushka (667)

Mushka - Glory: Dust your bottom dead earth card to get Anima.

    Keywords: lifesteal None

Nerf here, removing Lifesteal to make the life gap generated by this going unchecked for a few turns less significant, while still allowing its stats to remain strong early. Should still be a good card for aggro and midrange decks, and STR still has a few ways to give it lifesteal, like Tatt, which also works nicely with Anima.

Century Key (750)

Century Key - Conjure a spell. Give spells in your hand banner.

    Keywords: banner None

A nerf people have been asking for for a bit, 2c was also suggested as an option, but I think removing banner from the initial spell should help keep it flexible and maintain the usefulness of it as a set up option, but reduce its power as a tempo option, similar to the tweak to Orchid.

Deep Freeze ➞ Cryoblast (1019)

Cryoblast - Give target unit Frozen. Do 1 damage to enemy units.

    Name: Deep Freeze Cryoblast

A tweak to a cardname - I've been interested in having a cycle of spells that match up with the 8 primary elemental dragons in the game for awhile now - Gusto's Retort, Kha's Wrath, etc. This one was always envisioned as Cryogen's, but the old name made the connection kind of unclear.

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