The Return of Ponderous - Patch #24

Team Horizon

Nov 13, 2019

This week bring the return of Ponderous, a magisterial unit capable of manipulating the mana cost of ally spells!


Players will now be able to see heroes in the match history!


  • Ent Mask now correctly applies its buff if it's dusted while in your hand
  • Fatigue (drawing from an empty deck) damage now shows a damage animation ⭐
  • Deck view sidebars no longer overlap
  • Reconnect stability improvements


More Heart nerfs. Replaced "summons" with "conjures" for drawing spells onto units. As usual, not all changes included, such as prism-only.

Teleport - Summon a 2c unit, with Dazed.

Mad Hat - Play: Give target unit Fate.

Ponderous - Spells on allies have -1c.

Dryad -

Study - Draw a spell. Give this spell to your hero with +1c.

Leo - Banner on ally characters and spells give an additional +1 Attack.

Deathkin - Death triggers of allies trigger twice when they die.

Wall of Dead (351)

Wall of Dead - Until your board is full, dust your top dead unit to summon Zomboid with guard.

    Cost: 6 => 7

Nerf. This is a one-card full board, and it's been doing work - especially since it gets damage in even if immediately cleared.

Coffin Moth (717)

Coffin Moth - Glory: Summon Zomboid with Fate.

    Cost: 1 => 2

    Text: Glory: Summon Zomboid. => Glory: Summon Zomboid with Fate.

The end of an era! Coffin moth moves up the curve, with additional upside to Glory.

Charmling (755)

Charmling - Death: Give your right ally +3 Health.

    Text: Death: Give your right ally +4 Health. => Death: Give your right ally +3 Health.

    Health: 4 => 3

Heart nerf, I see this do good work next to armor guards.

Cloud Sloth (762)

Cloud Sloth - Start Turn: Give your hand -1c.

    Health: 6 => 7

Small buff, spell was nerfed +1c.

Necrosiss (882)

Necrosiss - End Turn: Dust your top two dead units to summon a Zomboid with +1 Attack.

    Health: 5 => 4

Nerf, this card pumps out good stats for the cost with just one trigger.

Vlad (441)

Vlad - Play: Do 3 Damage to a target. If killed, gets Enrage.

    Text: Play: Do 3 Damage to a target. => Play: Do 3 Damage to a target. If killed, gets Enrage.

    Spell: Enrage => None

Small nerf to the reliability of the spell.

Cleo (733)

Cleo - Death: Summon Royal Mummy.

    Keywords: stealth => None

Nerf to a consistently strong performer, in Heart no less. Makes banner a more consistent way to kill the first half.

Tradewinds (781)

Tradewinds - Discard your right card. Draw three units if it's a spell, or draw three spells.

    Cost: 3 => 4

Has been a premier draw spell for a while, let's see if it's worth 4 mana.

Meranda (857)

Meranda - Summon: Dust all enchants. Get 1 mana for each.

    Health: 5 => 4

Another heart nerf, card has good stats and draws a card.

Foul Stench (53)

Foul Stench - Draw a wither card. Do 1 Damage to non-wither units.

    Cost: 2 => 1

    Text: Draw a wither card. Do 1 Damage to enemies. => Draw a wither card. Do 1 Damage to non-wither units.

    Prism: agy => str

Reverting to an older symmetrical version. This was one of the first one-sided AoE spells, but other cards have picked up that job since.

Hydrex (693)

Hydrex - Death: Summon three Snake. Give them armor.

    Health: 6 => 5

Armored hp nerf.

Giza (924)

Giza - Death: Draw your most expensive unit.

    Keywords: banner => banner,guard

Buff to a 0atk unit, overall we might be a little light on guard these days.

Inspirator (470)

Inspirator - When an ally unit plays a spell, give it +1/+1.

    Cost: 2 => 3

    Keywords: None => lifesteal

    Prism: hrt => wis

Back to Wisdom, and bumped up to 3c with lifesteal. The base effect is pretty good, with a pretty efficient spell as gravy.

Glacier Hulk (910)

Glacier Hulk - Death: Dust this card to give your hero Glacial Tomb.

    Health: 7 => 6

Another armored HP nerf.

Silence (989)

Silence - This character's triggers can't trigger.

    Cost: 5 => 8

Making this enchant stronger, and now no two enchants have the same cost. Still need to make more cards with Silence.

Deactivate (1023)

Deactivate - Give target unit Lead and it becomes 0 Attack.

    Text: Give target unit Dazed and it becomes 1 Attack. => Give target unit Lead and it becomes 0 Attack.

Buff to removal aspect, and now there's a way to Lead enemies. (Looking at you Arcadeum Mask.)

    Krakus (962)

    Bonfire Shaman (824)

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