YOLO - Patch #123

Team Horizon

Sep 13, 2023

Patch will be live Thursday, Sep 14th around 6:00pm EST!

Another set of two Hero abilities enter the fray this week that are sure to stir the pot. Check them out below and let us know what you think. You only live once as Zoey might say, so don't waste any time trying these out!

New Features ⭐

  • Two new Hero abilities: Sitti-Psychomancy and Zoey-Live Fast
At its core, all life is merely energy, awaiting one with the vision to harness it.

Sitti’s aspirations of overcoming death have led her to obsessively study the nature of souls, and their practical applications and magical properties. Playing into Heart’s focus on sacrificing units and Death effects and Intellect’s focus on spells, Psychomancy lets you trade in a follower that has outlived their usefulness, transforming their lifeforce into magical power.

Psychomancy helps support Sitti’s gameplan of reviving and sacrificing units, letting her trigger Death effects and send units to the grave to be revived anew. Psychomancy is an activated ability with a cost of 0 mana, and can be used three times per game.

I will not waste even a second of my life fearing its end.

Zoey learned at a young age that life is uncertain and often far too short, instilling in her the value of cherishing the time she has, and never being slowed or cowed by fear or what others might think of her. Her Ability reflects this worldview. allows her followers to Dash into battle faster and more deadly than ever before, at the cost of their own longevity.

‘Live Fast’ helps support Agility’s tempo-focused gameplan while also synergizing with heart, letting you give units Dash and Wither, while also reducing their health, allowing you to more easily make use of their Death effects. Live Fast is an activated ability with a cost of 0 mana, and can be used three times per game.

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