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Team Horizon

Feb 02, 2022

There may be many fish in the sea, but there's only one OpenSea. Our friends at the leading NFT marketplace are opening the floodgates to Skyweaver and featuring an exclusive drop on their homepage. Mark your calendar for February 15th at 2pm ET so you can swim on by and see what we've got!

With this partnership, we aim to benefit the Skyweaver community, enhance the competitive scene, and expand our player base. How will we do this? All the revenue generated from this exclusive drop on OpenSea’s marketplace will fund community tournaments and other special events in the future.

We think the timing to kickstart this OpenSea partnership couldn’t be better with Open Beta just around the corner! Keep reading to learn more about what to expect in two weeks!

What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace built on Ethereum that allows users to create, trade, and exchange NFTs directly on the platform. OpenSea also supports other chains such as Polygon (where Skyweaver assets live).

Why partner with OpenSea?

Last year, the world woke up to NFTs—and OpenSea was at the center. We’ve been sailing with them throughout the years, and Horizon is glad to be part of the recent NFT Security Group initiative led by Opensea.

While the best performing NFTs are currently profile picture projects, OpenSea has always and will continue to dive deeper into gaming NFTs—and we are excited to finally team up with them officially on this journey!

What is the exclusive drop on OpenSea?

Back in 2020 we announced that the top ranking Private Beta players would be eligible to receive a Gold Doom Shroom or Gold Starfield sometime after Open Beta begins. In November of last year, we released this update revealing a third limited edition card—the Call to Action Gold card—that would be reserved for the community and other marketing initiatives. Each of these three Gold cards have a maximum supply of 800.

Skyweaver Community Rewards

These Gold cards are positioned to become some of the most coveted community rewards we distribute to players, since unlike other Gold cards awarded in Skyweaver, these will not be attainable in-game. With this OpenSea drop, we hope to attract new players from the crypto and NFT communities outside Skyweaver.

What are Gold cards?

Skyweaver Gold cards are minted through a win-streak game mode called Conquest for a limited time. Once the time window closes, they can never be minted again. To date, 72 Gold cards have had their supply fixed after being introduced and removed from Conquest on a weekly basis.

As mentioned, the three Gold cards outlined above are an exception to this, as they are minted by Horizon to reward other types of engagement.

How many copies of these Gold cards are you selling on OpenSea?

We are allocating 20 copies of each card to this drop, from a total minted pool of 800 each. That’s:

  • 20 Gold Doom Shrooms
  • 20 Gold Starfields
  • 20 Gold Call to Action cards.

How does this OpenSea drop affect me if I’m eligible to receive a Gold Doom Shroom or Gold Starfield as a Preseason or Season 0 top leaderboard player?

Not all the Gold Doom Shrooms and Gold Starfields are allocated to Private Beta players who are eligible for a Preseason and Season 0 reward. So if you’re one of the lucky players who earned a Gold Doom Shroom or Gold Starfield card for being a Preseason and Season 0 winner, this OpenSea drop has no impact on you, whatsoever.

Approximately 40 copies of Gold Doom Shrooms and 40 copies of Gold Starfields will be left over once distribution to the Preseason and Season 0 winners takes place. We will be taking 20 copies of these 40 to put up for sale on OpenSea's drop on Feb 15th. Which means that ~20 copies of each will be left over after the OpenSea sale. These remaining copies will be reserved for future community rewards at our discretion later on.

I'm one of the eligible Gold card winners. When should I expect my card?

You will receive you're Gold card(s) a few days after the OpenSea drop. We will update the list of winners once Open Beta begins.

What about Gold Call to Action cards, what are they all about?

We first announced Gold Call to Action cards in this Community Rewards blog post last fall. In short, Gold Call to Action cards do not follow the same constraints as the Gold Doom Shrooms and Gold Starfields as they are exclusively reserved for special marketing and community events and partnerships, like this OpenSea drop.

Despite the fact we have 800 copies of them, we don’t want to use them all at once! So events like this OpenSea drop happening on Feb 15th will be opportunities where this Gold card will be available for purchase (20 copies will be up for sale).

How much will these Gold cards on OpenSea cost?

All 60 Gold cards (20 copies for each of the 3 cards) will be listed for 0.1 Ether (ETH), the equivalent of $260 USD at the time of publishing this post. The sale will be conducted on the Polygon network through OpenSea.

Will I be able to buy and/or sell these Gold Cards in the Skyweaver Market in-game?

All Silver and Gold cards need to have what's called "liquidity" to appear in the Skyweaver Market. When these Gold cards initially drop on OpenSea, there will not be any liquidity available right away--so they will appear as "unavailable" to buy and sell in-game. To learn more about how the Skyweaver Market works read this post!

What will you do with the funds gathered from this sale?

Horizon will not profit from the sale of these cards. All revenue after tax (estimated $10,000 USD) will be used to fund the prize pool of tournaments and other Community events throughout Open Beta and beyond.

In addition to this, all royalties generated from secondary market sales for these three cards will be directed to fund similar initiatives for Skyweaver in perpetuity. After all, these community cards should benefit the community!

How can I get started today?

Skyweaver's Open Beta begins Feb 8th! But you can play right now if you join our Discord and follow the on screen instructions to obtain your code! You’ll also receive free Topaz Crystals which are blockchain items given to early adopters. Crystals change the color of your username in-game!

Skyweaver Community Crystals

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