Reminder: Huge New Features in 2024 for Skyweaver

Marcelo Suplicy

Dec 19, 2023

Skyweaver is almost ready to release its biggest update in over 5 years, bringing to the game a number of exciting new features that will expand the ways in which you can play, trade and compete in the game.

Last November and December, Horizon has announced the first two parts of this plan, including In-Game Tournaments and Draft Mode, with a final part talking about the new Economy coming very soon.

In-Game Tournaments will offer frequent layers of competitions for all skill levels and game modes, split into Daily, Weekly, Seasonal and Annual Tournaments of increasing scope and rewards for its winners. Players will earn new Tickets to access those competitions, and doing well in Daily events will unlock Weekly trials, and so forth.

The new and highly-anticipated Draft Mode, the first Limited Format mode in the game, will bring players a completely new way to play the game. They will have to choose one of the new Dragon Heroes (thus the name "Song of Scales" for this update), then proceed in a number of steps where they will choose modifiers and open packs until all players have a complete deck to clash against one another.

The Economy update should arrive soon, and it will detail how the In-Game Tournaments and Draft Mode will meld into a new way to acquire your cards and other Skyweaver items, with two new in-game currencies already hinted by the team, Spark and Weave.

Our friends at NFT Plazas wrote a great summary of everything already covered in this link. Stay tuned for more news soon, 2024 will be a big year for Skyweaver and Horizon Games!

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