Horror on the Horizon! A Sneak Peek at Hexbound Invasion!

Team Horizon

Oct 31, 2022

A shadow has fallen across our land. From the darkest recesses of Sky, the Hexbound spill forth, devouring all in their path, blighting the land with its curse. Armis holds them at bay, but loses ground each day. Will you hold strong against the undead horde, or embrace their infectious power?

As October 31st looms tall, and the first chill of winter sweeps through our world, a far more sinister chill falls across the world of Sky. The Hexbound - victims of the Hex-Plague, a magical cursed sickness, have begun to gather en-masse in the dark places and recesses of Sky, and are marching outward, threatening to overwhelm all of Sky with their infectious curse and sheer numbers.

The Nation of Armis stands in their way, but no one knows how long their blockade will hold back the horde. Perhaps more concerning, whispers of conspiracy travel on the wind... is this seemingly selfless action from the typically self-interested kingdom of Armis true altruism? Or do they perhaps know something that we do not…

Welcome everyone, to our first sneak preview of our second major Expansion Set Hexbound Invasion! This is a ‘Major’ expansion set, meaning that it will have a grand total of 50 brand-new cards in it, with 10 new cards for each Prism: six Units, and four Spells.

Hexbound Invasion has a number of amazing and frightful cards that we can't share just yet, but in the meantime, here’s some teasers of what you can expect to see within the set:

  • A card named “Gerry the Goon
  • A new ability Keyword - akin to Summon, Inspire, or Sunset, rather than Banner or Dash.
  • A new attached spell that is carried by 5+ creatures in the set.
  • A new token card that Wisdom will “gift” to its opponents.
  • A card that can summon up to twelve Units at once!
  • A Unit that costs more than any other Unit in the game thus far!
  • A card with the text “Has -1 cost for each element among other cards in your hand.”
  • A number of cards based around powering up a certain token unit other than Zomboid.
  • A new Sporekin (mushroom) card!
  • A Hexbound creature in each element other than Dark, showing how the Hexbound corruption is leaking into other elements.
  • A Cycle of four cards spread out across the Strength, Agility, Heart and intellect Prisms. Each card cares about its Prism’s two primary Elements.
  • A Spell that can summon more than 30/30 stats worth of units.
  • A card with the text “Draw that many air cards plus one.”

That’s all for card teasers, but we wouldn’t leave you without a proper spoiler, with the Hexbound breaking free of their shackles, have a look at the thematic, and deadly, Hexbound Cage!

"Dismembering the Hexbound spreads the contagion. Burning them creates toxic smoke. Fortunately, we've managed to cage them secure…ly..." - Armis Cagesmith, deceased.

A cage full of hungry Hexbound is terrifying enough on its own, but the real fun starts when your opponent accidentally rattles the cage, causing its accursed contents to spill forth onto the battlefield. The more they damage the straining metal, the more horrors will leap forth from within to increase the carnage!

As always, before we go, we’ve also got an art sneak preview for you, from the card Stand As One, which showcases some of the valiant defenders of Sky standing tall in the face of the Hexbound horde!

On that somewhat more uplifting note, we’ll have to leave you for now! But we’ll have more information about Hexbound Invasion as we get closer to its release early next year. The fight is only just beginning, and we just can't wait to show you all the other fantastic Horrors Hexbound Invasion has in store!

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