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Ashavari Joshi

Jul 21, 2021

Hey Skyweavers!

We want to show you all the ways you can engage with Skyweaver content both in and out of the game. We’ve built this new dimension for you to get truly immersed in, and that goes far beyond just the game itself. Let’s outline all the ways you can connect with Skyweaver, even when you’re not in queue!

Engage with Skyweaver art

On Instagram, we post some of our best and most aesthetically pleasing artworks. Here you’ll find Heroes, Units, Spells and all kinds of glorious artwork that adorn the beautiful cards you play with. Occasionally, we’ll post some of the best clips from our livestreams and tournaments as well, highlighting our animations and fun playthroughs.

Get the latest news and participate in weekly trivia!

Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to get the latest news in Sky, and participate in our weekly trivia!  Come up with names for cards, tell us your favourite art, and so much more! We also stream every Wednesday at 10:30 am EST on our Facebook page! Stay engaged and stay up to date! 😉

Watch our latest videos and get tips & tricks:

Check out our game trailers, watch livestream recaps and explore other Skyweaver Creator content on our official Youtube channel! Youtube is where all our official video content will live. We stream every Wednesday at 10:30 am EST on YouTube! Subscribe to the channel and stay tuned!

Join our Twitch livestreams!

Our Community Managers, Marcelo & Ashavari stream weekly on Twitch. Twitch is where most of the Skyweaver community will tune in, and you can find our biweekly Patch Notes here, outlining all the major balance changes and new game improvements! Explore our channel for fun gameplay clips. Ask our Community Managers any questions you may have, and get a response in real-time! Twitch is the place for the latest tips and tricks! You can find our complete livestreaming schedule in this post.

Be a part of the larger Skyweaver community online

The Skyweaver community is thriving. Players are passionate and eager to share their skills and knowledge with the community at large. You’ll find that our community is very active on Discord, with a direct line to the devs! You’ll also find Skyweaver communities on Reddit & most recently, Telegram! This is where you can have discussions with other Skyweavers and ask our CMs anything!

Create & Share Your Content

We encourage you to create Skyweaver content and share it with the world! We're working on a super cool Creators Program to reward our creators. Be sure to sign up here if you want to take part in this. We LOVE seeing what you come up with! It could be anything from fan-art, to knit plushies, to theory crafting, streaming, YouTube videos and so much more! The world is your oyster, and Skyweavers are waiting. Post your content on any of your social media platforms and be sure to tag us and use the hashtags #skyweavergame and #skyweavercreators! You may get a special shout out ✋

Support & FAQ

If you’re playing the game and run into any issues, we have your back! If you aren’t already connected with us on other social channels, please submit a customer support ticket. To get all your burning questions answered right away, check out our FAQ at

If you want to join our Private Beta and help us test the game, sign up here.

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