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Ashavari Joshi

Nov 21, 2022

We went on an epic quest earlier this year and set a bounty on a "giveaway" tool that could benefit the greater Skyweaver community! On this mission, we came across wonderful submissions and after a long time of analyzing, reviewing and deciding which one would be the BEST, we have finally settled on a winner!

This bounty was worth $4000 USDC for the creation of an Automated Giveaway Tool that could help Skyweaver content creators give back to the community in a fast, easy and efficient way! Made possible through the Sequence Wallet! You can read more about the bounty details here.

Now, the time has come, to announce our winner

*Drum Roll Please*

CONGRATULATIONS to SKR & Fuliggine for creating this AMAZING Skyweaver tool called Air Chrysalis! We thank you for your hard work and we’re excited to share this out with the community and see what amazing community giveaways you create with this!

About Air Chrysalis:

Air Chrysalis is a giveaway tool that automates the process of mass giveaways for Skyweaver creators and community members utilizing the Sequence Wallet. The whole giveaway process can be seen on-chain and the randomization is verified by Chainlink VRF. The dev behind this tool, SKR said, “The idea behind Air Chrysalis is to do something different from what is currently available by creating a giveaway tool where the randomization process is on chain, so that users can verify that the winner has been chosen in a fair and transparent way”.

Both SKR & Fuliggine have put a lot of love and passion into the creation of Air Chrysalis, and have branded it in such a way that fits perfectly in the Skyweaver ecosystem, with exceptional technical prowess, making this giveaway tool the best possible you can find in the realm of Sky.

About the Creators of Air Chrysalis:

"Love going to the tech conferences and eating free food"
"I always say thank you when I interact with my voice assistant, because feeding kindness to AI algorithms is our best chance at surviving a robot uprising"

Now, let’s teach you how to use and implement this tool for your giveaways! Air Chrysalis User Guide [written by SKR & Fulliggine]

How to create a giveaway:

  • Go to:
  • Click on “Connect Wallet”.
  • In the Sequence Wallet window that pops up, click on “Continue”.
  • You now see your available cards; select one or more.
  • Click on “Create Giveaway” to create a new giveaway with the selected card/s.
  • In the new page that opens, you can change which cards you want to giveaway and how many; once you are satisfied with your choice, click on “Continue”.
  • In the Sequence Wallet window that pops up, select the currency you wish to use to pay for the signing transaction, then click “Confirm”.
  • In the page that opens, click on “Copy giveaway link” to share a link through which participants will be able to join your giveaway.

How to join a giveaway:

  • Follow the link shared with you by the giveaway creator.
  • You can see the prize/s and the number of participants. Click on “Enter giveaway” to join the giveaway.
  • In the Sequence Wallet window that pops up, select the currency you wish to use to pay for the signing transaction, then click “Confirm”.
  • You now see your wallet address in the list of participants and a confirmation message below the prize/s that says “You are participating in this giveaway.”

How to manage a giveaway:

  • Go to: (you should already be signed in and automatically redirected to ; if this is not the case, repeat steps 1-3 of section “How to create a giveaway”).
  • Click on “My giveaways”.
  • You can see all the giveaways you have created and whether they are finished or not. Choose the one you want to manage and click on “Go to giveaway”.
  • If the giveaway is finished, you will see the message “Prize has been sent to the winner!” below the winner’s wallet address. If the giveaway is still running you will see two purple buttons instead; once you have enough participants, click on “Finish giveaway” to draw the winner.
  • In the Sequence Wallet window that pops up, select the currency you wish to use to pay for the signing transaction, then click “Confirm”.
  • Wait for Chainlink’s VRF Randomizer to draw a winner: this can take a few moments. Once the winner is drawn, you will see the message “Giveaway Finished”. Click on “Send prize” to send the prize/s to the winner’s wallet address.
  • In the Sequence Wallet window that pops up, click “Confirm” to sign the transaction.
  • You will now be redirected to the “Giveaway Finished” page.
Note: This is a community tool and is therefore not offered or maintained by Horizon. If you plan to set up your own giveaway, please ensure you consult with the relevant parties in your local jurisdiction to ensure that all rules and regulations are followed

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