Community Dimension #9

Ashavari Joshi

Oct 05, 2021

We’re BACK with another community dimension to celebrate our BIGGEST milestone to date!

Our Discord server has just hit over

50,000 Members 👀

We are incredibly thankful for all your unrelenting support during our Private Beta. As we approach Soft Launch, we want to give some special thanks to incredible community members and creators that have been paving the way for new Skyweavers around the world.

First and foremost, we want to give a special shoutout to Zygote for all the incredible hard work he’s been putting into the SkyweaverLeagues. SkyweaverLeagues runs tournaments, provides guides, and puts forth awesome meta analyses and metagame reports following every major game update! Contributors include many of our top players like JustAddBacon, Eufrat and more! Stay tuned for future tournaments! They’re always intense, exciting and EPIC!

Next, we’d like to recognize MissaurusRex for her brilliant Skyweaver content! MissaurusRex has been reacting to all our Patch Notes on YouTube, providing hilarious and witty commentary that includes letters to the devs, collective community asks and so much more!  MissaurusRex also streams Skyweaver on a regular basis - be sure to catch her on Twitch for her weekly Skyweaver streams!

We’d also like shoutout to some of our regular streamers who have been playing regularly, climbing the ranks and providing great Skyweaver content for their audiences - Pyutftw, JontheNerd, and Bumblegoo -  Thanks for spreading the word about Skyweaver and being an awesome content creator!


If you’re an avid Skyweaver and want to join a community that spreads loves, shares tips and tricks, and has the best game experience outside of the game, join our Discord server! We have global language channels, a place to share your fan art, you can get your deck featured in one of our weekly livestreams, and get a Skyweaver Private Beta code!

For all you creators out there, be sure to use the hashtag #SkyweaverCreators in your social media content! Tag us and share it with the community - we’d love to support you!

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