Community Dimension #7

Marcelo Suplicy

Oct 16, 2020

Let's start this Dimension with a tale of names and faces...

Meditating is not easy.
The release of consciousness, the emptying of the self, the sound of the spheres. Lotus gently floated, the breeze in Sky barely perceptible in his deep state of concentration.
Well, until the Doom Shroom arrived. Keeping focus on ethereal energies is not easy with such pungent stench around. The odor arrived well before the lumbering creature was visible.
"Yes? That's close enough, thanks." said Lotus, trying to hide his discomfort.
The Doom Shroom talked in a deep voice, letting off evil fumes from its huge mouth. "Yeah, soooo me got to thinking... You Weaver of Sky, yeah?"
"I am, true." replied Lotus.
"Goooood. Me talking to Bouran about Sky. Bouran strong, but Bouran not answer me question. So I ask Lotus. Lotus not strong.... Lotus smart?"
Lotus smiled at the question. He opened his eyes, and saw the huge creature sitting in front of him, stubby legs awkwardly crossed. Maybe it was trying to imitate his meditating stance?
"I see, my giant friend. So, what's this question of yours? I will impart any wisdom I can."
The creature seemed to smile in anticipation. "Ah, so, the cats, you know them, yes? All cosmicky and glowy?"
"Ah, you mean the Starfield cats? Yes, what of them?" said Lotus
"Yah, Starrrrrfild cats, yes. And you, and Bouran, and the others, you Weavers, yes?"
"Yes, we are all Weavers, masters of energies here in..."
The Doom Shroom interrupted, "Yah, Weavers, in Sky. Sparkly cats not StarField, with big F. Other too, like Flashbang, not FlashBang. Shroom saw Bouran write stuff, he write "SkyWeaver". Shroom no get, why no "Skyweaver", with little W?"
Lotus expected many things from the Doom Shroom, but not this. Initially baffled, he pondered, and replied with a nod:
"You make a good case, Sir Shroom. I had not considered this word situation, myself... I believe one could make the case of writing with the 'big W', as you've mentioned, for style. Words can be put together in a number of ways, for a variety of reasons, after all."
The argument went right through the creature. It shuffled its weight around, and replied:
"Shroom confused. Shroom will call other Shrooms Doomshrooms, with tiny S, yes?"
Lotus laughed, but at the same time, it dawned upon him that the Doom Shroom, simple and unsophisticated as it may be, had a good point. Denying that would be hubris, a rejection of brightness coming from what some would consider an inferior creature. Lotus knew better than that.
"Ah, I see your point clearly now, and thank you for the insightful exposition. I will spread the word among the other Weavers that if we are writing about our adventures or referring to ourselves, we should use "Skyweaver", from now on. Starting with Bouran, of course."
"It gooooooood!", replied the Shroom, slowly standing up. "You tell your friends of 'Skyweaver', and me tell me friends of 'Doom Shroom'. No confusion!" It turned around, with what could be construed a smile in its gashed mouth, and walked back from where it came.
"Wisdom often comes from the strangest places", thought Lotus, returning to his meditation with a smile.

So, not all Doom Shrooms are created equal, it seems! This little tale serves a more important function, though: after some internal deliberation, we've decided to update our official name to "Skyweaver". The reasons are many, but if we are to do it, better do it fast, before the Open Beta! We are slowly updating our channels and communications with the new nomenclature. If you have any Skyweaver communities, pages, etc, please also do so from now on.

Also, as you may have already noticed, we have new art for our favorite giant Sporekin defender. Expect more illustration updates as we get closer and closer to the Open Beta, and beyond!

Finally, I'd like to close this episode of Dimension with two shoutouts.
One will go to the good folks in the newly-created SkyStreamers community! They are getting ready for some intense Skyweaver action soon, so why not show them some love by joining their Twitch channel?

Second shoutout goes to our Custom Card Contest winners! Organized by the community, they have received almost 100 entries, and it was truly hard to pick the best submissions. After a lot of deliberation, these were the top cards picked by the judge panel:

3rd place: Rootpulse Chant by @Ennis

HRT/Earth, 2c, Exhaust your ready units to draw a unit into play with cost equal to the number of units exhausted.

2nd place: Back to the Ashes by @Zygote | Dog Pound Gang

HRT/Dark, 5c, Summon your top dead unit and ready it. Dust it at the end of your turn.

1st place: Overflowing Tomb by @GoodDog | DPG | SkyStreamers | Dog Pound Gang

HRT/Dark, 3c, 0/3 Armor Guard, Grave Omen attached. When this unit takes damage, summon a Zomboid with Guard

Honorable Mention:

@KOYggs | Fox Gang created card plus art, Good stuff!

Join our Discord server to chat directly with us, subscribe to our subreddit to share your ideas, and follow the Skyweaver account on Twitter if you just want to say heya! Thanks Weavers, and see you soon in Sky!

Marcelo Suplicy, Skyweaver Lead Community Manager and the last person standing in Discovery Mode.

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