Community Dimension #2

Marcelo Suplicy

Oct 17, 2019

And here we are for our second Dimension post, and it's been a while! As you may know, we were quite busy with TwitchCon San Diego, and we've had a blast meeting all content creators, big and small, that dropped by and had a chat with us about SkyWeaver. If you haven't already, check our TwitchCon blog post for pictures =)

Now we go to our next event, EGLX 2019! So if you are in Toronto from October 18 through 20, be sure to show up, play some matches with the team, and ask us your questions - we're at Booth #1803 in the North Building, Hall B.

As we continue through the Private Beta, a number of content creators, new and veteran, are streaming SkyWeaver! Here are some channel tips for you:

yoshiislander has reached level 100 and beyond already! Check out her streams and give her a follow:

Snidramon is also a new streamer, trying his luck climbing up the Random ladder. Give him your support =)

Freud (our awesome community member and streamer, not the father of the modern Psychoanalysis) is a veteran SkyWeaver player, and no slouch. Drop by to learn some of his secrets...

And check this clip from BioHackGaming. After being reduced to 5 HP, a clutch Worm saved him from an impending Fireball doom...


xYotsuba hasn't been with us since Alpha, but he quickly reached the top of the Random queue, and defeating him right now is a tall order, even with random decks! I've asked him four questions about SkyWeaver, so let's hear what he has to say:

1 - How long have you been playing SkyWeaver?  
May/June 2019

2 - You are in first place on the Random Ranked leaderboard. Any tips on how to win Random matches?
- For inexperienced players:  
A. You need to control the board. Don’t worry about either player's life total until they are below 15. Use your hero attack to kill the enemy units. If there is nothing to kill, use it to weaken them so u can finish them off next turn. Use spells to remove enemy units instead of using them to deal damage to the enemy hero.  
B. Make sure you use the spells attached to units. You can use them the same turn you play the unit! As a rule of thumb, you should not be playing a unit with a 3c or less spell without using the spell the same turn. This ensures they don’t die before getting to use their spell.(edited)
- For experienced players:
A. The first 4 turns are the most important. When choosing your starting cards, plan out your first 3-4 turns. Try to be prepared both for a strong response if the opponent plays something u need to remove, and for establishing a threat if they don’t.  
B. Get the most out of every card. Think about which situations they excel in and which situation they are a liability. If a card is strong now and a liability later, you need to play it now, instead of a card that feels stronger to play now but will be even more useful later.

3 - What's your favorite and least favorite Prisms, and why?  
I don’t dislike any of the prisms. They are all unique, and have their own play styles, strengths, and weaknesses. I would say Strength is my favorite random prism but least favorite constructed prism. Mostly because it’s really good at having strong creatures but doesn’t contribute a whole lot else. Which is great for random but it limits your options in constructed.

4 - What are your favorite cards right now?
I really like the cards that reward you for having all the elements in your deck. Sky Aura, Sky Phoenix, and Tianlong. Mothermander is the cutest card in the game.

Thanks a lot for the words of wisdom, xYotsuba (love your avatar, btw)

"You are cute too, xYotsuba!!" - Mothermander

Community Fan Art Madness!

OK, you know the drill: sometimes I enjoy asking (some would call it "pestering") our new community members for some fanart or haikus. Most stare weirdly at their screen (I assume), but some do play along, and from this comes some of the most epic fanart we've seen so far!

This one is an old favorite of mine. Behold the power of the Bored Vampire Rogue! And, if you want your distinguished art featured in a future Dimension post, just send it via DM to me (Marcelo | SkyWeaver) in our Discord server! I'll take good care of it.

Vampire ROGUE, please. Not Rouge...

Finally, I hope everyone enjoys the Performance and Bugfix patch we have been working on for a few weeks. Stability and performance were always one of our main goals, and with those pesky issues fixed, we can move forward with new features, like the Market and Ranked play sooner than later.

"Enough tinkering, we have a game to deliver!"

Join our Discord server to chat directly with us, subscribe to our subreddit to share your ideas, and follow the SkyWeaver account on Twitter if you just want to say heya! Thanks, Weavers, and see you soon in Sky!

Marcelo Suplicy, SkyWeaver Community Manager and devoted slave to Random HRT/AGY

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