Available Now: Clash of Inventors - 1st Major Expansion

Team Horizon

Jul 07, 2022

Once a year, the greatest inventors, mechanists, and creative minds from across Sky gather for Kore City’s annual ‘Festival of Invention’ bringing their greatest, wildest, and most groundbreaking inventions to compete for the title of ‘Architect of Invention!’ Do you have what it takes to compete and claim the title for yourself?

Come one, come all denizens of Sky, to Kore City’s annual Festival of Invention! This year's festival is especially extravagant, with many of our world’s Skyweavers in attendance. The Genius inventors Mira, Mai, and Ari have all come to show off their greatest inventions, and we’ve also heard rumors that the Skyweaver Sitti may make an appearance! Whether that's good or bad, we’ll let our public decide!

Clash of Inventors is a ‘Major’ expansion set, meaning that it will have a grand total of 50 brand-new cards in it, with 10 new cards for each Prism - 6 Units, and 4 Spells. Additionally, the set contains three new uncollectable ‘token’ cards that can be generated by other cards and effects.

A New Trait Dashes Onto the Scene!

In a competition like the Festival of Invention, there's no time to waste, and that’s reflected in the new trait being introduced in Clash of Inventors, Dash!

A Unit with the Dash Trait can immediately attack enemy Units the turn it's summoned, allowing it to immediately help grab the initiative by clashing with enemies and neutralizing threats. However, a Unit cannot make use of Dash to attack the enemy Hero during the same turn it is summoned, so take that into consideration when planning your attack.

The Micron Drone

Dash also brings with it a new token Unit - Micron Drone! These cute little bots are a major part of the festival ecosystem, helping to tidy up trash, serving as guides for festival-goers, and ‘handling’ threats to festival security. Micron Drones are 1c 1/1 metal Units with the Dash trait. They’re primarily created by cards in the Intellect Prism for now, but will continue to appear in the future in Intellect and other Prisms.

Prism-Specific Subthemes!

While Dash is the central mechanic of Clash of Inventors, each Prism also has its own individual Subtheme, which cards in the set will help reinforce, building upon existing themes within the Prism. We've got a brief taste of each Prism’s sub-theme for you here today, along with one of the cards that supports it!

Strength - Summon Giant Units!

Strength is here to crush the competition, focusing on cards that reward it for playing large Units, by discounting them, summoning them directly into play, or being empowered by their presence. One star example is Chromeosaur, who will give all 7c and higher Units in your deck -2c when it is summoned, allowing you to play high cost Units more easily on future turns. You can also use its Dash trait and its attached Chomp Spell to obliterate opposing Units.

Agility - Take Advantage of Health Loss!

Agility aims to surge ahead of the competition, with a number of Units and Spells that leverage its tendency to reduce its own health total via attacking with its Hero, allowing it to regain health or gain additional advantages by losing health. A particularly powerful member of this group is the beautiful but deadly Bloodletter, who converts your Hero’s lost life into further damage to the enemy Hero, and power for himself.

Wisdom - Hand Size Synergy!

Wisdom is aiming to defeat the competition through preparation and consideration, and appropriately, its subtheme in Clash of inventors is all about taking advantage of having a full grip of cards, with effects that scale in power based on your hand size. Take for example, Overdraft, which can literally bury your enemies under the weight of your accumulated Resources!

Heart - Utilize Death in New Ways!

Heart may be sticking to its guns a bit more than the other competitors, still focusing primarily on utilizing the dead and their abilities, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t picked up some truly frightful new tools along the way. Behold, Sitti’s very own entry to the festival, here by (un)popular demand, the almighty Scrapstrosity!

Intellect - Micron Drones & 1 cost Cards

Intellect is bringing a variable toolbox of trinkets and gadgets to the Event, with a focus on utilizing 1 cost cards, especially Micron Drones. One exciting example of this is the Micro-Manager card, and its associated attached Spell, Micro Swarm, itself a card Intellect will gain access to in the set.

The Festival Continues!

Clash of Inventors arrives today! But the festivities don’t end there, as Clash of inventors, as a Major Expansion, will also be followed by its very own ‘Mini-Expansion’ which will give us a chance to further expand upon the mechanics and themes of the set. This 20 Card Mini Expansion will arrive towards the end of Summer.

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