The shadow of the Hexbound has fallen across Sky, consuming all in its path, blighting the land with its curse. Will you hold strong against the tide, or embrace its irresistible, infectious power?

new ability: slay

The hunger of the Hexbound has manifested through a new keyword ability, Slay! Slay can be found on both Units and Spells, and triggers when that card damages and destroys an enemy unit during your turn. Will you indulge in the horde’s dark hunger, or risk being consumed yourself?

hexbound skypass

The Skypass knows only one thing, power. Every battle, win or lose, is progress towards unlocking its fabled rewards. There are both free and premium rewards to unlock, but if you unlock it fully, prepare yourself for the accursed Hex Cardback.

the hexbound curse spreads!

“With each passing day, the curse of the hexbound grows stronger. Seize its dark power for yourself!” “Use Hexfection to infect Units with the Hexbound Curse, or summon Zomboids to tear the life from the enemy Hero. Which scourge will you inflict upon your foes!?”

See how Prisms adjust to the Hexbound Invasion!

Adapt your Prism

Adapt your Prism

Hold strong and resist the Hexbound Horde or embrace its infectious Power? Learn more about the new cards for each Prism and gameplay clips below!

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Members of our Creators program will reveal new cards until Hexbound Invasion gets released. Click to access their channels and stay tuned.

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See for yourself the vast possibilities that the Hexbound Invasion brings to the world of Skyweaver.


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