Clash of Inventors
Clash of Inventors

The greatest inventors gather for Kore City’s annual Festival of Innovation! With wondrous inventions they compete for the title of Architect of Invention!Discover what it takes to compete and claim the title!



There's no time to waste with the new Dash Trait! Units with Dash cannot attack the enemy Hero on the turn it is summoned, but it can brawl with enemy units!

More Aggressive Plays

Attack Immediately

Control the Board

Micron Drones

The Festival’s eager helpers!

Help is never too far away thanks to the abundance of Micron Drones. These cute little bots are 1 cost 1/1 Units with the Dash Trait. They zip into battle and help deal with any problem you might have.

Upgrade your Prism

New Innovations for all the Prisms!

New Innovations for all the Prisms!

Technology, robots and invention converge to enhance each Prism. Learn more about the new cards for each Prism and gameplay clips below!

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See for yourself the vast possibilities that Clash of Inventors bring to the world of Skyweaver.

Join the festival

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