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Team Horizon

Jul 17, 2019


What is Skyweaver?

Skyweaver is a free-to-play Trading Card Game with blockchain superpowers, which means that you have true ownership of your digital cards. By winning battles and ascending the Skyweaver ranks, you earn new cards, which you can play with or trade.

How many cards are available?

Skyweaver currently has 500 cards, and new cards are constantly being added.

Does Skyweaver have different card rarities?

Gameplay items such as cards have no distinct rarity tiers. As such, when unlocking a new playable card, all cards have the same chance of being obtained. Cosmetics, however, can have different rarities, and their prices and availability would be established by player demand and offer.

Do I have to buy cards to remain competitive?

No, Skyweaver is not a Pay-to-Win (P2W) game. Purchases can accelerate your options when building a deck, and will allow you to customize several aspects of your game’s appearance, but purchases won’t provide direct gameplay advantage over others. All playable cards will be obtainable during gameplay.

Does the game have a single player campaign? Can I play this game solo?

Not currently. Skyweaver is currently focused on its competitive nature, pitting players against each other. The only Single Player experience right now is practice matches against bots.

Is Skyweaver an esport?

Due to its competitive nature, it’s easy to see Skyweaver as an esport. However, our focus right now is to make an amazing trading card game. We will be listening to our players and partners during the game’s development, instead of forcing modes onto our community. You will tell us how the game should evolve.

Skyweaver GAMEPLAY

What’s the objective of the game?

In Skyweaver, you control a Hero, and must do battle with an enemy (human or AI). You both fight using cards that can be summoned to the playing field. When you deplete the enemy Hero’s Life, you win a match. If you lose all yours, you are defeated. Your ultimate goal is to compete and win against other Skyweavers, and this in turn will make you stronger, wiser and more versatile.

What are the restrictions when summoning cards?

This is a big part of the game’s strategy. To successfully summon a card, you need to fulfill some criteria:

1. You must have enough Mana in your pool (bottom right of your screen)

2. You must have a slot on your side of the battlefield (when summoning Units). Each battlefield can simultaneously hold 1 Hero and 6 Units.

3. You must have a valid target (when summoning Spells).

Learn more about gameplay basics here.

How many classes are available to the players?

In Skyweaver, players are not divided by classes, but by the special types of cards (or Prisms) they choose to build their decks with. We have five Prisms available (Agility, Heart, Strength, Intellect, and Wisdom). Read about them here.

Can players use all the cards in their decks?

There are two limitations:

- You can only have one or two Prisms in a constructed deck.

- Single-Prism decks are composed of 20 cards. Dual-Prism decks have 30 cards.

How are the Prisms different?

Each Prism targets a general strategy:

- Agility: Overwhelming foes with All-Out Aggression and Speed.

- Heart: Raising the dead, and empowering the living.

- Intellect: Setting up Elaborate combos and synergistic plays.

- Strength: Dominating with hardy Units and powerful Spells.

- Wisdom: Outlasting opponents and Overwhelming them in the late game.

There is a degree of overlap between the Prisms. There are strong Units in Wisdom, but not as many (or as numerically strong) as in Strength. Agility has some Support potential, but not as much as Heart. As the prisms expand in the future, these characteristics will become even more salient. Read about them here.

What about card Elements? How do they impact gameplay?

Elements are a secondary thematic layer available to players when building their decks. Also, Elements have a strong interaction with card mechanics such as Inspire, and certain cards will allow you to draw spells or units of particular elements. Elements can be a powerful theme to build a deck around, and will play a bigger role in Skyweaver as the game evolves. Read more about Elements here.

Can I edit my deck? How many different decks can I have?

Absolutely! You can create up to 50 decks (Single and/or Hybrid), as you see fit.

How many copies of a card can I have in my deck?

Skyweaver is designed as a “singleton” game, so you can only have one copy of any given card in your deck. There are ways to bypass this limit, for the creative player.

How do I get more Mana points?

Each Player starts with 1 Mana in their pool, and at each Turn Start, you get +1 Maximum Mana. This means that as the game progresses, you will gradually have more Mana available, allowing you to summon stronger cards, or many cheaper ones in a single turn. Note that there are Units and Spells that can also grant (or consume) temporary Mana, or, more rarely, permanent Mana.

So there’s no cap to Max Mana, then? What about Life points?

There is currently a cap to Mana and Life, 99 of each. We feel that these values are big enough to accommodate most strategies.

Any other limits I should keep in mind?

Yes, the maximum number of cards you can have in hand is 9. If you have more than 9, any additional card you draw beyond 9 will send the oldest card in your hand back to your deck. Additionally, all Heroes and Units can have only 1 attached spell or enchant on them at any time. Any new attached spell or enchant they gain will overwrite any old one.

What happens if I don’t have any cards left in my deck? Do I lose the match?

No, you can’t lose a match like that. If you need to draw a card and you don’t have any in your deck, you will lose one life, and then “Conjure” a card instead, which means you will draw a card from the Prisms your deck uses (respecting the singleton rules described earlier).

What types of cards can I find in Skyweaver?

Currently, we have 3 types of cards: Units, Spells, and Enchants:

Units are permanent, until defeated or consumed by another effect. You can recognize them by the polygonal shape of their internal card frame. Units have individual Attack and Life pools, which can be further enhanced or reduced through several means.

Spells are instantaneous effects that can alter the battle in a number of ways. They can, for instance, provide a permanent enhancement to a Unit’s Attack or Life, destroy or dust Units immediately, summon several Units at once, provide Life to your Hero, damage specific targets, etc. Once cast, Spells usually go to your discard pile. You can recognize Spells by the circular shape of their internal card frame.

Enchants are unique, in that they are only ever found attached to (enchanting) Units or Heroes, and have an effect on the Unit or Hero they are ‘enchanting’ - For example, the Enchant Roots prevents its enchanted character from attacking, and the Enchant Shield will protect its enchanted Unit from damage.

Read more about cards here, and for Enchants, check out this post.

How do I use Spells attached to Units?

In the same way you cast Spells from your hand! You simply click and drag the spell off the Unit, pay the Mana cost, then choose the target to its effect.

How do I attack with a Unit?

To attack with a Unit, simply click and drag it with your cursor (or finger, if you are playing the mobile version) and drag it on top of the desired target. The two characters will then deal damage to each other, and any destroyed Units will go to the discard pile.

But I’ve just summoned a Unit, and I cannot attack with it!

Being summoned is a taxing process for most Units. When units are first summoned, they are asleep, which renders them unable to attack in that same turn. There are rare exceptions, though! Additionally, even though you cannot attack with sleeping units. They can still defend you, and you can also cast any Spells the Unit might have (paying for its Mana cost, naturally).

What’s the difference between being Destroyed and Dusted?

When a card is Destroyed, it goes to your discard pile. When this happens, it activates any Death effects the card may have, and it becomes available for Spells or Effects that manipulate the discard pile.

When a card is Dusted, however, it is immediately and completely removed from the match, without triggering any Death effects it may have.

Why do some cards have a Yellow or Blue aura when I attack or cast a Spell? Or that skull on top of Units?

These are indicators!

The yellow aura will appear whenever you have to choose a target for a Spell or attack. If a Unit doesn’t have a yellow aura surrounding it, that means it isn’t a valid target for what you are trying to do.

The green aura shows which cards you have that are currently usable . If a Unit or Hero is in play and has a green aura, it is ready to attack. Units and Spells with a green aura (either in your hand or attached to a Unit) Can be played, meaning that you have the necessary Mana to cast the Spell, and there is a valid target for its effect (if it requires one).

The skull is an indication that the target unit will die due to the effect or attack being used. This is handy when there are lots of factors involved, such as Armor.

How do Heroes affect gameplay?

Heroes work similarly to Units. They have a health (currently starting at 32), an Attack Power of 1, and are always placed in the middle of your playing field. You can use it to attack other Units or the enemy Hero. But be aware that unlike Units, Heroes do not counterattack when attacked. Also, if your Hero reaches 0 Life or less, you will lose!

How do damage and healing effects work in Skyweaver?

Damage and healing effects are persistent in Skyweaver, and that means that Units and the Hero can be ‘overhealed’ (having more Life than its starting value) by Spells or other effects. Units also won’t naturally heal damage received.

What are some of the card mechanics in the game?

There are a number of mechanics that make Skyweaver a game that’s easy to jump into, but at the same time provide a lot of depth for advanced players. Some examples:

Glory: activates the effect described when the unit attacks and damages the enemy hero (not other Units though!)

Death: triggers when the Unit is destroyed and sent to the graveyard. Note that Dusted Units will not trigger their Death effects.

Play: a Play effect happens immediately when the Unit is ‘played’ from hand.

Inspire (X): activates when you summon a Unit or Spell that matches the secondary condition, within parentheses. For instance, a “Inspire (Metal): 1 Damage to a random enemy Unit” would cause 1 damage to a random enemy unit whenever you summon any Metal Unit or Spell.

Sunrise: Sunrise effects trigger at the start of your turn.

Sunset: Sunset effects trigger at the end of your turn.

What are the Keywords in Skyweaver?

We currently have these Keywords in the game:

Armor: Prevents the first point of damage from each individual damage source.

Banner: Provides +1 Power to your Hero.

Guard: Units with Guard prevent your Hero from being attacked.

Lifesteal: Damage dealt to the enemy Hero by Units or Spells with Lifesteal gives your Hero that much health.

Stealth: Units with Stealth cannot be attacked unless their Hero has been damaged this turn.

Wither: Damage dealt to Units (but not heroes) by Units or Spells with Wither will reduce both their health, and their Power.

Learn more about Keywords here.

I was playing my turn, but it ended before I had clicked on the End Turn button! What happened?

In Ranked matches, each player has a limited amount of time (60 seconds) to make their plays before Sky conspires and ends their turn. You can see a timer bar on the very top of the screen, depleting from left to right. Think before you play, but be fast! Also note that completing an action in your turn (casting a spell, summoning a Unit, attacking) will also add 5 seconds to your turn timer.

What happens if I leave a match, or if I lose connection with the game for any reason?

If you leave a match, you can rejoin (by reloading your Skyweaver tab in the browser) where you left. Longer disconnections will cause you to forfeit that particular match.

I see a day and night cycle in the playing field. Does it affect gameplay?

Not at this moment. The day/night cycle is purely cosmetic. It is daytime during your turn, and nighttime during your opponents.

Skyweaver ECONOMY

How can I unlock cards for free?

By playing Skyweaver, you will earn XP. As you gain XP, you level up and unlock Base cards for free.

What is XP?

XP (i.e. experience points) is earned after every match you play. By accumulating XP, you will level up and unlock Base cards.

Can I unlock the full collection of cards just by playing the game and not spending any money?

Yes, you can unlock the full collection of Skyweaver cards as Base cards simply by playing.

How can I buy cards in Skyweaver?

You can buy cards from other players using Test DAI via the Skyweaver Market in-game.

What is Test DAI?

The primary currency used in Skyweaver during the Final Testing Phase will be called Test DAI.

How can I purchase Test DAI?

You cannot purchase Test DAI. Horizon will distribute this currency for free to all accounts that reach level 1 for testing purposes during the Final Testing Phase.

What kinds of cards are there in Skyweaver?

There are 500+ different cards in Skyweaver at Soft Launch. Each card will exist in three different grades: Base, Silver, and Gold.


Oh, what's this Ethereum you are using in Skyweaver?

Ethereum is a decentralized open source blockchain. I.e. a platform for decentralized applications. Ether (ETH) is the cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum network.

What wallet will Skyweaver use?

All users will be required to create an account with our Sequence Wallet. Sequence is an Ethereum Web Wallet anyone can use. Users login with their email or social accounts and no seed phrases or blockchain knowledge are required. Sequence gives players top notch security in a friendly format. It’s a non-custodial Web3 wallet that's compatible with everything on Ethereum.

Where is Skyweaver currently available?

Skyweaver is a browser game, and can be played on desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux) and from iOS and Android mobile devices.

Do I need to install Skyweaver on my PC?

No, you can play straight from your browser, no install required. You can download some assets to help speed up load times in game if you want through the Options in your SkyTag, but it’s not mandatory. If you would, however, prefer to play on PC, you can download the desktop client here.

Do PC players play against mobile players, or are the platforms separate?

Skyweaver is cross-platform, and all players play against each other, no matter the platform.

Can I play offline?

No. Skyweaver is a multiplayer competitive TCG, and as such, requires an internet connection to access your account, decks and opponents.

Does Skyweaver require a high-performance computer or phone?

We've made Skyweaver accessible from as many devices as possible. If you notice that Skyweaver consistently pushes your computer harder than similar games (Hearthstone, MTGA, etc.), then we'd love for you to provide your system specs via the in-game feedback (the “?” button on the site) with a note about what's happening on your machine. That way, we can reproduce the issue and optimize accordingly.


I have this incredible and highly specific question! How can I contact you guys?

Please send an e-mail to [email protected], or enter our Discord server, where the community and the Skyweaver staff will be glad to assist.

What are the official Skyweaver channels?

Right now, we have the Skyweaver site, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also check our blogs on Medium.

I want to help! I love Skyweaver, and I want to help you guys! How can I do that?

Get involved! Be part of our community, play the game, stream it, and think about great mods or other opportunities. We'd love to hear from you.

Can I be a moderator at (channel name)?

You can, if we need one at the moment and you meet the criteria set by our Community Team. Talk to our Lead Community Manager, Marcelo, on Discord and he will check if you have what it takes.

Are you hiring at the moment?

We’re always interested in passionate and skilled individuals who align with our mission and core values. You can reach us at [email protected]


What is Horizon Blockchain Games?

At Horizon Blockchain Games (Horizon), we're building a New Dimension where Internet economies are fun, accessible, and for the benefit of all participants.

We created Skyweaver: the free-to-play cross platform card game where you can own, trade and gift your cards. Deep yet accessible gameplay designed for both competitive and casual players. And, an economy forged by the players where all cards are created through gameplay by those who dare to conquer. Skyweaver is a trading card game from the new dimension, and it's pioneering community-owned economies in gaming.

We also built Sequence: a seamless user and developer experience for Ethereum. Sequence lets developers integrate blockchain with their product in two minutes. Sequence includes a friendly smart wallet that anyone can use, an end-to-end SDK to integrate Ethereum with your web application, and powerful APIs for the security you need. Sequence is your gateway to access and build in the new dimension.


Where is the company located?

Horizon is located in Toronto, Canada, and has staff members and collaborators all around the globe, including Canada, US, Spain, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Russia, and more.

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